FS-UAE Amiga Emulator


Bridgeboard emulation

Options (not implemented yet):

  • bridgeboard=a2386sx
  • bridgeboard_ram=8192
  • bridgeboard_vga=cl-gd5426
  • bridgeboard_vga_rom=5420.vbi


VGA: CL-GD5426 or CL-GD5429

VGA adapter


  • Needs VGA bios (for example 5420.vbi or vgabios-0.7a.cirrus.bin)
  • BIOS setting should not matter but you must set both mono and color options in pcprefs to OFF.
  • VGA mode should be active very soon after binddrivers has run, END+F9 press is required to switch screens, it does not autoswitch.
  • With VGA enabled, both PCMono and PCColor screens are always blank (but remember to still have either one open if you want working keyboard or mouse input..)

Example configuration

No offical options yet, but bridgeboard + VGA can be enabled with config similar to this:

uae_a2386_rom_file = A2386SX 1.00 391168-01.bin
uae_a2386_rom_options = 8M,config=
uae_flash_file = flash.nvr
uae_gfxcard_type = VGA
uae_gfxcard_size = 2
uae_x86vga_rom_file = 5420.vbi
uae_floppy2type = 5

You might also want to disable joystick emulation:

joystick_port_1 = nothing