FS-UAE Amiga Emulator


X-Arcade controllers

If you have an X-Arcade controller, you need to install some special config files in order for it to be recognized. This is because the X-Arcade device appears as a keyboard, and not a joystick device.

Copy the three files from docs/x-arcade into FS-UAE/Data/Devs/Keyboards in order to:

  • Tell FS-UAE about the controllers, and how the keys are mapped.
  • Disable the default Keyboard device, as this will otherwise conflict with the X-Arcade controllers.

If you do not have the dual X-Arcade controller, you should only copy X-Arcade.ini and Keyboard.disabled.

Please note that one of the buttons is mapped to the Alt key, which can interfere with emulators. Using the alternative X-Arcade layout from docs/x-arcade-fs is recommended! This requires you to remap the X-Arcade controller (see X-Arcade documentation for information about this). Alternatively, you can enable full keyboard emulation, or use the modifierkey to specify a key _not in use by X-Arcade as a modifier key. But note that the Alt key may still be used by some other emulators if you use the multi-platform support in FS-UAE Launcher/Arcade.