FS-UAE Amiga Emulator


Kickstart ROMs

For the best emulation experience, you should have copies of the original Kickstart ROMs for each of the Amiga model you want to use. Using the built-in kickstart replacement (from the AROS project) is possible, but it is less compatible with Amiga software.

Getting Kickstart ROMs via Amiga Forever

You can purchase Amiga Forever Plus or Premium edition in order to get licensed versions of Kickstart ROMs for all supported Amiga models.

There are two versions which contains all Kickstart ROMs:

  • Plus: Gives you access to a downloadable .msi installer.
  • Premium: Physical media, plus access to the plus edition .msi installer.

There is also a value edition, but this only provides kickstart ROM for Amiga 500 (and possibly a few other models depending on the Amiga Forever version). This is sufficient for most classic games though!

Please note that FS-UAE / Frode Solheim is not affiliated with Amiga Forever, and this project gets no provisions from the sale of Amiga Forever. This information is only provided as a convenience to the users of FS-UAE.

Extracting Kickstart ROMs from real Amiga computers

By using a tool such as Transrom or Grabkick, you can extract the ROM from your own Amiga and copy it over to your computer. Here are some guides:

  • http://www.pcguru.plus.com/uae_transfer.html (web.archive.org)
  • http://ale.emuunlim.com/guides/get-kick-rom.shtml
  • https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EUAEAmigaEmulator

Please note that I don’t provide support for extracting / transferring Amiga ROM files, but you can probably get help on the English Amiga Board if you are stuck.

Using the replacement ROM

FS-UAE will automatically use the replacement AROS ROM when:

  • The preferred kickstart rom for the Amiga model in use was not found, and no kickstart file was explicitly specified, or
  • When kickstart_file is specified as “internal”

FS-UAE Launcher behaves a bit differently and will refuse to start the emulation if the preferred kickstart ROM is not found. You must change the Kickstart option to "Internal" in order to use the replacement ROM.

Preferred Kickstart ROMs

This sections lists the Kickstart ROM used by default by FS-UAE and FS-UAE Launcher. When checksums are listed for Amiga Forever ROMs, it refers to the checksum of the decrypted content, not the scrambled file. The name of the ROMs do not matter, only the content. Amiga Forever and TOSEC names are used for reference.

Amiga 500

Kickstart v1.3 r34.5 (1987)(Commodore)(A500-A1000-A2000-CDTV)[!].rom
SHA-1: 891e9a547772fe0c6c19b610baf8bc4ea7fcb785

Amiga Forever does not come with the actual A500 rom, but the following kickstart will be patched so it is identical to the one above (it’s only a 3 byte difference):

SHA-1: c39bd9094d4e5f4e28c1411f3086950406062e87

The following ROM is an overdumped version of the preferred ROM, but FS-UAE will recognize this and use it like it were the preferred one:

Kickstart v1.3 r34.5 (1987)(Commodore)(A500-A1000-A2000-CDTV)[o].rom
SHA-1: 90933936cce43ca9bc6bf375662c076b27e3c458

Amiga 500+

Kickstart v2.04 r37.175 (1991)(Commodore)(A500+)[!].rom
SHA-1: c5839f5cb98a7a8947065c3ed2f14f5f42e334a1

Amiga 600

Kickstart v2.05 r37.350 (1992)(Commodore)(A600HD)[!].rom
SHA-1: 02843c4253bbd29aba535b0aa3bd9a85034ecde4

Amiga 1200

Kickstart v3.1 r40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A1200)[!].rom
SHA-1: e21545723fe8374e91342617604f1b3d703094f1

Amiga 3000

Kickstart v3.1 r40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A3000).rom
SHA-1: f8e210d72b4c4853e0c9b85d223ba20e3d1b36ee

Amiga 4000

Kickstart v3.1 r40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A4000).rom
SHA-1: 5fe04842d04a489720f0f4bb0e46948199406f49

The following ROM will be patched to the one above on demand:

Kickstart v3.1 r40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A4000)[h Cloanto].rom
SHA-1: c3c481160866e60d085e436a24db3617ff60b5f9

Amiga 1000

Kickstart v1.2 r33.180 (1986)(Commodore)(A500-A1000-A2000)[!].rom
SHA-1: 11f9e62cf299f72184835b7b2a70a16333fc0d88

Amiga CD32

Kickstart v3.1 r40.60 (1993)(Commodore)(CD32).rom
SHA-1: 3525be8887f79b5929e017b42380a79edfee542d

You also need the extended ROM for CD32:

CD32 Extended-ROM r40.60 (1993)(Commodore)(CD32).rom
SHA-1: 5bef3d628ce59cc02a66e6e4ae0da48f60e78f7f

Commodore CDTV

Commodore uses the same Kickstart ROM as Amiga 500. But in addition, you also need the extended ROM for CDTV:

CDTV Extended-ROM v1.0 (1991)(Commodore)(CDTV)[!].rom
SHA-1: 7ba40ffa17e500ed9fed041f3424bd81d9c907be