FS-UAE Amiga Emulator


Option: whdload_quit_key

Summary: "WHDLoad quit key"
Default: 0
Example: 59
Type: Choice

This option specifies a global WHDLoad quit key which will be written
to the auto-generated WHDLoad.prefs file. The global quit key override will
only work when using a 68010 or higher CPU, for example by using the
A1200 or A4000 models.

Value: 0 (Slave decides)
Value: 45 (Escape)
Value: 50 (F1)
Value: 51 (F2)
Value: 52 (F3)
Value: 53 (F4)
Value: 54 (F5)
Value: 55 (F6)
Value: 56 (F7)
Value: 57 (F8)
Value: 58 (F9)
Value: 59 (F10)

Deprecation warning: This option somewhat conflicts with the new
whdload_quit_key option in FS-UAE, so this launcher option might go