FS-UAE Amiga Emulator


Option: video_sync

Alias: vsync, sync
Default: 0
Description: "Video synchronization"
Example: 1
Type: choice

Video sync behaviour can be configured with the "video_sync" option. The
default setting is off. The available values are:

Value: 1 ("Auto")
       If the host refresh rate matches the game's refresh rate, emulation
       and video will be synchronized to the display for perfectly smooth
       scrolling. If not, FS-UAE will only sync buffer swap to vblank in order
       to remove tearing.
# Value: vblank ("Buffer swap only")
#        Video buffer swap (but not emulation) will be synced to vblank
#        to remove tearing. This value is used to prevent FS-UAE from
#        synchronizing the emulation to the display.
Value: 0 ("Off")
       Video and emulation will not be synced to the display. Instead,
       a timer will be used to manage the emulation speed. You may see
       tearing on the display since buffer swaps are not synchronized to
       vblank either.

The previous value "full" is deprecated as of FS-UAE version 2.2.2, and it
will now behave as auto. See [assume_refresh_rate] if you need to force vsync.

See also [low_latency_vsync], [video_sync_method], [assume_refresh_rate].