FS-UAE Amiga Emulator


Option: hard_drive_0

Example: path/to/image.hdf

A hard disk image file (.hdf) can be mounted within fs-uae with options
hard_drive_0 through hard_drive_9. Currently, only default "geometry" is
supported. (surfaces: 1, reserved: 2, sectors: 32 and block_size: 512)

  hard_drive_0 = path/to/image.hdf

Instead of using hard disk image files, you can also mount folders as drives.
This is enabled by pointing the hard_drive_x options at a folder on you

  hard_drive_0 = path/to/folder

You can also mount a zipped folder as a drive. It will be mounted read-only,
but otherwise works as a normal folder mount:

  hard_drive_0 = path/to/folder.zip

See also [hard_drive_0_controller],
[hard_drive_0_file_system], [hard_drive_0_label], [hard_drive_0_read_only],