FS-UAE Amiga Emulator


Option: floppy_drive_speed

Summary: "Floppy Drive Speed"
Type: Choice
Default: 100
Example: 800

Set the speed of the emulated floppy drives, in percent. For example, you can
specify 800 to get an 8x increase in speed. Use 0 to specify turbo mode.
Turbo mode means that all floppy operations complete immediately. The default
is 100 for most models.

Value: 0 ("Turbo")
Value: 100 (100%)
Value: 200 (200 %)
Value: 400 (400 %)
Value: 800 (800 %)

The only supported value is 100. Other speeds may or may not work with your
games. The faster the emulated floppy drive speed, the less likely it is to
work with (some) games.


    if c.floppy_drive_speed.explicit:
        c.floppy_drive_speed = c.floppy_drive_speed.explicit
        c.floppy_drive_speed = "100"