FS-UAE Amiga Emulator


Option: floppy_drive_0

Alias: df0
Example: Lotus2/Disk1.adf

You specify paths for floppy images in floppy_drive_0 through floppy_drive_3.
The number of internal floppy drives will be set according to the highest
drive number configured.

If the path is a relative path (or just a file name), the file will be
looked up relative to [floppies_dir], or to the current working directory.

You can also prefix the path with some predefined prefixes, like $home,
$fsuae, $exe, and $config. This file, for instance, will be looked for in the directory containing the FS-UAE executable:


Absolute paths are also supported. Remember that if you use backward
slashes (\) on Windows, you need to double them, for example: