Documentation topics are available from the documentation menu to the right. Some common issues and questions are answered here in FAQ and Troubleshooting.

If you have just installed FS-UAE, you might want to take a look at the getting started-guide first! As the getting started-guide mentions, you should ideally have Kickstart ROMs for the Amigas you want to emulate.

While you are running the emulator, you can open the FS-UAE menu or use keyboard shortcuts to control the emulator.

Configuration Files

If you use FS-UAE Launcher, you don’t have worry about configuration files, but when you use FS-UAE directly, you need to specify options either as program arguments or via configuration files.

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  1. Hallo
    I was wondering if there will be an option to move “non detected” games (from game database) to a subdirectory, and possible link such a game to the allready created screenshots ?

    Thanks for a wonderfull piece of software. Been reliving my childhood memories the last couple of weeks with this Great emulator.


      • Hei Frode.

        Jeg tar det pΓ₯ norsk. Hvis du kopierer mange filer fra feks tosec til floppykatalogen. Da er det endel filer som ikke blir identifisert av databasen, nΓ₯r du kjΓΈrer “skann filer”. Disse som ikke blir identifisert kunne jeg ha tenkt meg at de automatisk ble flytta til en underkatalog som kalles feks unknown.
        Og kanskje at det er mulig Γ₯ linke dem til en versjon som allerede er lagt inn sΓ₯ man fΓ₯r infoen og screenshootsene som allerede ligger i databasen.

        mvh ARild

        • Related threads and But short answer, the launcher will not move away files, that feature is “too specific” and not general enough for my interest. The launcher indexes files wherever you point it at, including looking in archives. Btw, you don’t need to copy the files to Floppies, you can instead just add your “tosec” folder to the list of directories to index. But could probably achieve much of the same thing with the .dat suggestion (see the first thread).

  2. Hello,

    I have a quick question… what is the difference between the configuration profile a1200 and a1200 (68020). If i remember correctly the a1200 came with 68ec020. I tried to run Kefrens desert dream with 68020 profile and i took a nice software failure :/ πŸ™‚ With the a1200 profile demo loaded perfectly!

    Could u please explain what is the difference? and when we have to choose the 68020 profile?

    thanks !!!

    • Yes, the plain A1200 model uses 680ec20, and the other model uses a “full” 68020 CPU. The difference is that the 680ec20 has only 24 address lines, and can therefore only address a 16MB memory space. You need to use the “full” 68020 CPU if you want to use Zorro III fast memory or enable the Zorro III uaegfx.card (“Picasso96”). I’m not aware of any other differences.

      • Thank you πŸ™‚ You are always very helpful πŸ™‚

        I really love fs-uae! I am at the airport now waiting for my connecting flight and i am playing sotb3 πŸ˜€

        Thank you so much for this piece of art πŸ™‚

  3. Hello, thank you very much for this amazing emulator !
    I can’t exit the program after launching a game on the emulator, how can I exit the Amiga screen (on mac) ?
    Best regards,

  4. Just downloaded and found it simply amazing! Best emulator I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much

  5. This Emulator is such a fine piece of software art, I cannot express how much I love and admire your work. It gave me back a whole bunch of memories and I can now revisit the atmosphere of games long forgotten (even never seen) by most people. And there is so much love and passion you can discover in these “old” games/softwares.

    I just plain love it! Big thank you!!!

    • Hi, and thank you for leaving this fine comment on my blog, I really appreciate it when people pop by just to say thanks πŸ˜€

  6. Hello, Very, Very Good Work !
    On my macbook pro, I do not know how to insert disk 2 for “Shadow of the beast”. When I put in Disk 1 and Disk 2 on the launcher this disc 2 refuses to start automatically when he asks for it.
    Thanks for help. Excuse me for my english πŸ™‚ !!!

    • Hi, I think Shadow of the Beast only supports one floppy drive. So when the game wants you to insert disk two, you can open the F12 menu (You may need to use extra keys with the F12 key, see, use the cursor keys to browse down to “Removable Media” where is says Disk 1, press Enter and select Disks 2 with Enter. Finally, close the menu again with F12. (I don’t think you need to excuse your English ;-))

      • Thanks a lot of your help.
        This is OK now and I congratulate you for this excellent emulator !
        I waits for one for a long time.

      • This doesn’t work at all for me. When I press enter on “Disk 1 of 2”, the only option I get is “Eject”. I still have “Disk 2 of 2” in the second drive but no way of selecting it as the first disk drive.

        My version is “FS-UAE VERSION 2.4.1”, built a week ago under Arch Linux.

        • Hi, when you use FS-UAE standalone, you need to use the floppy_image_0, floppy_image_1, (…) options to fill out the list of insertable floppies (the floppies initially inserted into the drives aren’t automatically in this list).

          • Oh, OK, thanks. Works!

            Thank you for doing FS-.UAE! Brilliant! Love it!

            Exclamation point!!!

  7. Thanks for your amazing work on this emulator – it works brilliantly on my MacMini.

    One question: I’ve managed to get the keyboard left mouse button working under FS-UAE (left cmd + alt), but the right mouse button doesn’t seem to function using rigth cmd + alt – it’s been a while since I’ve had to do this on an original Amiga, so is this the correct combination under UAE?


    • Hi, your keyboard keys are mapped as directly as possible to Amiga keys. But, if no joystick is connected, the right alt is used to emulate the joystick fire button (and the cursor keys control the joystick axes) -so you need do disable this. You can either set joystick 1 port mode to nothing, or insert nothing into the port -this can be done in both the on-screen menu and in the config file (or just connect a joystick).

      • Ah, of course! However, it looks like The Settlers directly polls the mouse input for both mouse buttons – so Right Amiga Alt + Left Amiga Alt doesn’t work in-game. Right Amiga Alt does work in Workbench however.

        Thanks for the reply!

      • Hi Frode,

        Many thanks for developing FS-UAE. I’m really enjoying a return ot nostalgic times currently.

        In Deluxe Paint, holding the Alt key while painting with the Left Mouse Button flips through animation frames while you paint (‘animpainting’). I can’t get the combination of Alt + LMB to work. I’ve tried disabling the joystick (port), but that didn’t make a difference.

        Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

        Best regards from the Netherlands,


        • Hi, the Alt key is used as a shortcut key as default, and to avoid confusion, this key (by default) does not forward the Alt key press to the Amiga. Please try pressing Alt+K to enable full keyboard emulation, this should allow your Alt key to work! You can press F12+K to toggle back.

    • I followed the link to your blog at (great initiative btw :)) and got some more background on your issue.

      Since you are unable to press the left and right buttons on your mouse at the same time, you can cheat by binding a keyboard key to the 2nd amiga mouse button instead. Then you’ll be able to perform simultanous clicking by holding downd your left mouse button and by pressing the specified key.

      As an example, to use the Tab button on your keyboard, you can set the following option:
      keyboard_key_tab = action_joy_0_2nd_button

      • Thanks! I figured that I’d post about my experiences to help others. As an Amiga user of many years, a lot of the challenges which pop up have an obvious solution – but this isn’t the same for everyone!

        I’ll give the key-binding a go with The Settlers. Thanks for investigating this odd issue for me. πŸ™‚

  8. Frode,

    Thanks for your response. Hopefully, you can add a Mac-compatible screenshot key soon.

    I don’t know how difficult it would be to create a help file that gives the different Mac key combinations. It would be helpful since there are a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts to remember. I’m assuming that creating menu items for these shortcuts create more work since FS-UAE is cross platform.

    However, these are very small quibbles. I’m a big fan of what you’ve done with FS-UAE. It has made my Amiga Forever investment worthwhile.


  9. What is the key to use on the Mac to get a FS-UAE print screen? As you know, there is no “Print Scrn” key on a Mac.

    I know about the standard Shift-Command-3 and Shift-Command-4 combinations, but I am hoping there is a quick key built into FS-UAE to allow me to take a screenshot of just the Amiga screen. Thanks.


    • You are right, I suppose it isn’t possible to grab an “internal” screenshot on Mac right now. I will be reviewing and changing most shortcuts so a modifier key not used as Amiga key will be used to perform actions. A likely candicate for screenshot will be F11+s or F12+s.

      • Hey FS, When i am using F12+s for a screenshot i am am getting at least 3 screenshots made at a time? Still using the last release version here πŸ™‚ Cheers!

        • Yes, this is correct – and by design πŸ™‚ To avoid having different screenshot shortcuts (and the user even picking the wrong screenshot type by mistake), FS-UAE saves three different screenshots for different purposes. One cropped Amiga display (for convenience), one Amiga full-frame screenshot (in case the cropped one is overcropped), and a “real” screenshot – what you see on the screen.

          If you want to, you can limit the types of screenshots written, see this option:

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