Open Amiga Game Database

FS-UAE Launcher works great together with the Online Amiga Game Database. Please see the following page for a step-by-step guide to enable this great feature:

4 thoughts on “Open Amiga Game Database

    • The intention has always been to open the system and only require login for write access, but right now I have required login to access the service for a couple of reasons:
      – Interested early adopters will then have an account, and the barrier to start contributing will then be minimal
      – I have contact information for users during the “beta phase”, useful in case of a screw-up 🙂

      Having an EAB account isn’t really a requirement (I just assumed most early users would have an account there). I’ll add an account if you send a desired username to And if you don’t want that, the system will be opened at some point (rather sooner than later).

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