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This page has links to files and resources which can be used to improve your FS-UAE experience. See the Amiga Kickstarts page for information about how to acquire Kickstart ROMs.

1080X Ambermoon Bezel Theme

Starting with version 1.3.8, FS-UAE supports loading themes, and here is a theme based on the very nice bezel created by the artist “Ambermoon”.

To use, download 1084x_night_wall_white_1.0.zip and unzip the content into (My) Documents/FS-UAE/Themes/.

Finally, you must set the following option in your config file to enable the theme:

theme = 1084x_night_wall_white_1.0

Ambermoon has created several variants of the bezel with different backgrounds and other lighting conditions. You can download 1084x_bezels_101.zip if you want to try out the other variants (and you can modify theme.conf in a text editor to alter the name of the overlay image).

Topaz Menu Font for FS-UAE

A replacement menu font based on the Amiga font Topaz has been created by nexusle of English Amiga Board. You can download menu-font.png and overwrite the one from the FS-UAE distribution if you want to use this one instead of the default font.

17 thoughts on “FS-UAE – Resources, Themes and Links

  1. “Finally, you must set the following option in your config file to enable the theme:

    theme = 1084x_night_wall_white_1.0”

    PLEASE, i don’t get where to add this string. i’m using mac, i’ve downloaded the theme and excracted in: Documents/fsuae/themes

    • Yes, there is/was an option to hide the bezel, although in 3.0, the bezel is off by default 🙂

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  3. Frode

    I’ve copied the System hard drive from an A1200 across to a Mac Laptop (using a CF card adapter on the A1200 and a CF reader on the Mac laptop). I’m not able to boot the System ‘hard drive folder’. Any thoughts on where I’m going wrong?

    p.s. Awesome software. Thanks for making it available!


    • Hi, it’s a bit difficult to comment due to lack of information. At minimum, I need the following information:
      – A description of how it fails to boot (what happens instead of booting as you expected).
      – A directory listing of the System “hard drive folder”, so I can see if looks like it contains the expected files/directories.

  4. Hi, how i can use shader option if use theme? It is possible? Not found for me if write this option to theme conf and fs-uae conf.

    • I’m sorry, I’m not sure if I understand the problem. Can you give (a lot) more details about what you are trying to do?

  5. Can the bezel be an animated file such as a gif or a flash file. Could open up some possibilities with some animation.

  6. I downloaded 1.3.16 from EAB this evening. The new launcher does indeed ignore host.fs_uae. However, I did not realize it also ignores the theme.conf file. I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out why the theme did not load while the other options I pasted into the settings worked fine. I finally thought to look at the log file. That told me the theme was being loaded and the theme.conf file was being skipped. Once I added the theme.conf settings to FS-UAE launcher settings, the theme worked fine.

    In my testing, I tried entering my directory path as well as the theme folder. Then, I ran into a problem where the length of the directory path plus the theme folder was too long.

    As the launcher leaves beta status, I am hoping the launcher documentation will be as complete as the other documentation you have already provided.


    • Hi, the problem with theme.conf was unintentional, and will be fixed in the next version -thank you for reporting it. I will document the launcher as well, preferably before it leaves beta status 🙂

      • Frode,

        Thanks for the quick response. It’s good to hear that the theme.conf problem was just a problem. I thought I had missed something in the notes for 1.3.16.

        I think I need to set up an account at EAB. 🙂


    • Whether it is ~/Documents/FS-UAE or ~/FS-UAE or something else depends on whether XDG desktop dirs are configured correctly / at all, or not.

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