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I monitor the support.FS-UAE forum over at the English Amiga Board and answer questions there regularly. Also, updates on current development are posted there.

If you have any kind of issue with FS-UAE, you are welcome to create a new thread and explain your problem. It is also useful if you attach FS-UAE.log.txt (found in Documents/FS-UAE/Logs) to your post when the problem is related to running FS-UAE.

If you don’t want to register on the English Amiga Board, you can leave a comment on this website instead. The advantage of posting in support.FS-UAE is that other people may be able to help you as well, and maintaining a longer discussion (if necessary) is easier.

For live support, you can connect to the IRC support channel directly from your web browser: Enter live support channel. The most likely time to get help is during the evening (UTC+1), but there may be people around to help at other times as well.

General feedback, praise or constructive criticism is always welcome, both here and in the forum 🙂

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  1. Hi, not sure i posted in the right place yesterday… same message just trying to cover all bases!

    i‘m very new to fsu-ae and I’m having problems getting my joystick buttons to work… I’m using the latest version of the emulator on my macbook running OS X El Cap I’m trying to use a Wico Command Control joystick with a usb adaptor.. the problem seems to be with the buttons as the stick controls are recognised with out a problem, iv tested the joystick with an old amiga and the buttons work fine, even tried a old atari joystick with the same adaptor and the button works fine? both joysticks are recognised as “Ajoy” but even if i try to config the button in settings it won’t even pick up the button on the wico being pressed no matter where i try to assign it? but it will recognise the atari for some reason? i don’t know if its because the wico has 2 buttons attached to the same trigger? iv tried switching one off but this had no effect either.. has anyone had this problem with a wico joystick?

    sorry if this isn’t very clear I’m trying to give the most detail i can for things i don’t know much about!

    thanks in advance for any help!!

      • Depends, moderation itself would be quick, but I sometimes keep messages in the moderation queue to remember to answer them (and sometimes I still forget) :-/

    • Hi, I don’t think this is something I can help you with. It must be some incompatibility between the adapter and Wico joystick. I don’t have any good explanation for why it works in the Amiga. Maybe a voltage problem on the pin corresponding to the fire button? If you have a multimeter or similar, you might be able to debug further that way…

  2. Please support bigger ampunut virtual gfx card memory becouse now i cannot use 2560×1440 32bit what is ny monitor native mode. WinUae supports but has weird pointer problem at least version what i tested.

    • For what graphics card; UAEGFX? 32 MB video memory should be more than enough for 2560×1440…

  3. I am trying to run CD32 games. I have the TOSEC ROMS and I am using the settings from the archive, but all I ever get is “This game variant cannot be started because you don’t have all required files.”

    I have tried manually adding the disc and CD32 KS and Extended ROMS, but same result.

    In the TOSEC zip files are usually .cue and .iso files. I have tried using each as the disc file, but same error.

    • Maybe the CD images have had audio re-encoded as mp3/ogg?. It should work if you have all the required files, even within zip files. Alternatively, you can just create a new CD32 configuration manually and select the .cue file in the CD drive selector. In this mode, you need to have the files extracted from the .zip file.

  4. This is a great piece of software and I’m running it on Ubuntu Studio on an 8 year old laptop with no issues!
    I might of missed the obvious but is there a Amiga Demobase config I can use FS-uae? I only ask as I’ve tried to set-up Amiga Demobase on my Windows 7 laptop, but with no luck. I’ve a few demo’s and PD games running of FS-uae but would love the full Amiga TOSEC set (minus apps) running on one interface.

    I’m I being a bit dumb here 😉

  5. I’m trying to load a cd game to play with an a500 setup, but im not sure how to configure it, I’ve been trying to load the .iso through the cd-rom drive (there’s a .cue also but i’m not sure where to place it) and have not been successful, is there a certain way I need to configure the emulator to get it to load these files?

    • Hi, I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to do there. Real A500 don’t have CD-ROM drives (and no IDE/SCSI system either). You can add a CD-ROM image to an A500 config, but this will cause a virtual UAE filesystem to be installed to access the CD-ROM content, and that’s not really emulating a CD drive. A CD drive can be emulated if IDE/SCSI is also added via custom configurations.

      But are you sure you want do this, instead of say using a CD32 model?

      • Hey thanks for responding, I’ve tried other setups as well but I can’t figure out which one would load the cd’s .iso/.cue file (the game I want to load should run on all amiga models). I haven’t been able to select the CD itself as the file, the menu only lets me pick the .cue or the .iso file. I tried the CD32 and CDTV but I can’t get them to work either (I’m using the correct kickstart roms and extended roms for both).

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