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I monitor the support.FS-UAE forum over at the English Amiga Board and answer questions there regularly. Also, updates on current development are posted there.

If you have any kind of issue with FS-UAE, you are welcome to create a new thread and explain your problem. It is also useful if you attach FS-UAE.log.txt (found in Documents/FS-UAE/Logs) to your post when the problem is related to running FS-UAE.

If you don’t want to register on the English Amiga Board, you can leave a comment on this website instead. The advantage of posting in support.FS-UAE is that other people may be able to help you as well, and maintaining a longer discussion (if necessary) is easier.

For live support, you can connect to the IRC support channel directly from your web browser: Enter live support channel. The most likely time to get help is during the evening (UTC+1), but there may be people around to help at other times as well.

General feedback, praise or constructive criticism is always welcome, both here and in the forum 🙂

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  1. Hi Frode, I really appreciate your work with FS-UAE. I have been using it on and off and have now during paternity leave take up an(other) old hobby project – put together an old A1200 case and Keyrah V2 so I can get more Amiga feeling when running FS-UAE.

    Keyrah V2 supports displaying the LEDs for Floppy and Hard drive activity with the use of Scroll Lock and Num Lock (i.e., when Scroll Locks is enabled Keyrah will light up the Floppy LED). Now, is there any chance it would possible to get

    1) Scroll lock to light up when a floppy is accessed
    2) Num lock to light up when a HD is accessed

    If so, would be happy to post back pics/video of a cool setup 🙂

    Thanks again for all the great work! Markus

    • Hi, perhaps I’ll implement it. I’ll certainly give it consideration (might allow mapping any “FS-UAE LED” to any keyboard LED if I do it). Unfortunately, I must create separate implementations for each operating system. What OS are you using?

      • Hi,
        I’m using Mac OS X. If it would be of any help, I could write a C/C++ program with two functions (or any other interface you prefer). For example:

        void setup()
        void controlLED(int led, boolean state)

        and send you. Let me know if helpful!


  2. FS-UAE is awesome! I’ve long since sold all my Amiga hardware, content to use the emulators instead. Recently UAE on my Linux distro went unmaintained. FS-UAE is working great for me in Arch x86_64, and I freaked when I heard the simulated floppy drive click sound. Just wonderful; thanks so much!

    • Hi, this message indicates that FS-UAE itself (the emulator) is not found. Please ensure that FS-UAE(.app) is placed alongside FS-UAE Launcher(.app), and try again -and let me know if it still does not work for you 🙂

      • Thanks a lot, that fixed it. At a glance it wasn’t clear to me that the launcher wasn’t independent of the other executable.

        • In the upcoming development versions, FS-UAE.app is included inside FS-UAE Launcher.app, so the Launcher app will then be completely independent / standalone!

  3. Hallo, i’m using this software on ubuntu and it works great.
    But i have also some original cd32’s cds, but i can’t use phisical cdrom as amiga device.
    Also original cd has multitrack, so i can’t play cd music when i use iso image.
    Can i use directly my cdrom?

    • Hi, using physical CD-ROMs are not officially supported (due to complexity in use for users, and a lack of interest on my part). It may be possible to wrangle FS-UAE to do this on Linux, but the easiest is to rip the CD.

      You can’t use .iso format when the CD has audio tracks, but you can then rip to .bin/.cue instead. See for example http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Cuesheet for how to do this on misc platforms (including Linux).

  4. Hello Frode!
    Greatest Ami emulator for linux i’ve seen so far! Using it since 8 hours, and i’am amazed with it’s stability, clear look, compatibility (great support for HDD dir and HDD file). And was really suprised, You have explained all details about refresh rate on nvidia in LinuX. It looks like all in one place to make You happy :D. You did really fantastic Job! Thanks a lot!

    • Hi, thanks for reporting back. It is also great to hear the my documentation efforts are also appreciated 🙂 This applies to other comments as well, even if I don’t reply to all comments when there are no questions, positive feedback is highly appreciated!

  5. Hi Frode,

    thanks for the nice emulator.
    Perhaps you know of the (now dead?) “GameBase Amiga” project (gbamiga.elowar.com). Their database contains ca 5000 Amiga games with information and screenshots. It would be nice if these games and information could be made available in the launcher (the db is MS Access, but can be converted to csv files with jGameBase (sourceforge.net/projects/jgamebase)).

    Please keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi, if you’re interested in a game database to go along with FS-UAE Launcer, take a look at the online amiga game database :). The scope for this database is a bit different from GameBase, with OAGD, anyone can contribute changes to make it better. We have also recently been given permission to incorporate information from GameBase Amiga where it makes sense 🙂

  6. Hello. Tell me please how i can change diskete when i play game on 2 diskettes and in game emulator tell me insert diskette 2. How i can do that? Thanks

  7. Hello.
    This is nice emulator but lots of games not work. Cant load a lots of games and that games work on another emulators. Why ?


    • Hi, I cannot possibly comment your problems since you haven’t given any details about what games don’t work, and what happens vs what you expect to happen. Generally, game compatibility should be among the best for Amiga emulation, since it is based on the emulation core from WinUAE. Please file a better problem report, and also post the resulting FS-UAE/Logs/FS-UAE.log.txt somewhere. I can recommend creating a thread for your problem here http://eab.abime.net/forumdisplay.php?f=122, as several other people will be able to help as well.

  8. Is it possible to install workbench 3.1 OS to a hard file? I tried loading the 6 disks in select multiple files. After the first 4 disks it tells me to insert the next disk.
    I push F12 and menu window appears but need I to middle click to use mouse. Nothing happens.
    Is there something I need to do to enable the floppies to swap?
    will I have to do this with a manual config. file without the launcher?

    • Hi, when you open the F12 menu, you can use the cursor keys to move the selecting down to one of the 4 floppy drives. Press return, and select disk 5 from the list of floppies to insert that disk in the selected drive (all 6 floppies should be in that floppy swap list since you used “select multiple files” to select all 6). Repeat for disk 6 when disk 6 is requested 🙂

  9. Hello. Tell me please,how can i record game when i play on amiga emulator?
    I mean,can this emulator record game during playing and how?

    • Hi, FS-UAE does not support recording games. You can probably use some screen-capturing video software to record game play, but FS-UAE itself does not support this.

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