I have created this page to highlight the contributions to this project. For practical reasons, I only note direct contributions. The only exception is that I must highlight Toni Wilen‘s relentless work to improve the accuracy of Amiga emulation. Thank you ­čÖé Also, it goes without saying that FS-UAE owes at lot to earlier authors of (and contributors to) WinUAE / UAE / E-UAE / PUAE.


Before even having a donation page,┬áJohan Gardhage made a very generous donation in appreciation of “bringing back the Amiga to Linux”! Thank you ­čÖé After the donation page was set up, the following have contributed money:

Robert Carpenter, Fabian Schmieder, Michael Barkholt, Dirk Trowe, Islam Mohamed, Florent Wagner, Jeremy Cunningham, Markus Kirsten, Matt Francis, Thomas Wright, Christopher Kohlert, Fabian Schulz, Luigi Recanatese, Jason Hudson, Russell Glover and other donors who wish to remain anonymous.

World of Longplays (YouTube channel) also provided FS-UAE with a very generous donation!

FS-UAE has received quite a few more donations than this. I haven’t done a good job of updating this page, sorry about that!

Also, a big thanks to Frode Hansen which gave me a very nice Amiga 600, expanded to 2 MB chip ram and 4 MB fast ram, and with internal CF hard drive and PCMCIA adapter for a second CF hard ­čśÇ


The following people has contributed code patches to FS-UAE:

  • lallafa (New hotkeys, soft/hard reset, freeze, debugger, OS X disk support).
  • Tobias Netzel (Added support for PPC / Older Mac OS (10.5)).
  • AndrewKanaber (Alter keycode mapping on Linux to make it work with both evdev and kdb Xorg drivers, and not just evdev mappings).
  • jopadan (Conditionally add OF macro to fix compilation of unzip on Gentoo).
  • RedDwarf (Improved .spec file for openSUSE builds, added docdir option to Makefile, compilation fixes and buffer underflow fix).
  • grimi (Bugfixes).
  • TheCyberDruid has contributed a python library to extract files from ADFs.

Please let me know if I have inadvertently omitted your contribution (and also if you’d like your nick replaced with your real name).


The following people can be thanked for translation FS-UAE  (and FS-UAE Launcher) to your* language:

(*) Is your language not in the list? Consider help translating it ­čÖé

Testing, Bug Reports, Feedback and Ideas

FS-UAE wouldn’t be where it is today without the great feedback I have gotten from users. Some users have been more active with testing/feedback than others, and it’s tempting to to highlight some names, but I find it difficult to draw the line and figure out who to include on such a list.

But without naming names, I send a big thanks to everyone on the English Amiga Board, as they have been very encouraging and especially active in testing. The same goes to everyone who has left encouraging comments on this site.

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