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I monitor the support.FS-UAE forum over at the English Amiga Board and answer questions there regularly. Also, updates on current development are posted there.

If you have any kind of issue with FS-UAE, you are welcome to create a new thread and explain your problem. It is also useful if you attach FS-UAE.log.txt (found in Documents/FS-UAE/Logs) to your post when the problem is related to running FS-UAE.

If you don’t want to register on the English Amiga Board, you can leave a comment on this website instead. The advantage of posting in support.FS-UAE is that other people may be able to help you as well, and maintaining a longer discussion (if necessary) is easier.

For live support, you can connect to the IRC support channel directly from your web browser: Enter live support channel. The most likely time to get help is during the evening (UTC+1), but there may be people around to help at other times as well.

General feedback, praise or constructive criticism is always welcome, both here and in the forum πŸ™‚

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  1. It is a wonderful piece of software, but lacks any import/export option from Amiga to the host computer! Basically it is just a Amiga player for games. It is also cannot read directly the CD-Rom (only images). For example on my Amiga Forever CD I have some Amiga programs that aren’t inside a disk image and I cannot run them. Also if I have some hardisk images and there isn’t any way to export the data from them.

    • Hi, it should be able to run all software from the Amiga Forever CD. You can use local directories as virtual hard drives, and this can be also be used to read files from CDs.

      You can easily export from hard disk images the following way:
      – Set up a second (virtual) hard drive which refers to a folder on your computer.
      – Boot the Amiga with the hard disk image
      – Copy files from the hard disk image to the other virtual hard drive.

      • Thanks!!!, I think that this important thing about virtual folders must be written somewhere in the documentation or in the FAQ. I spent to find a way, but I do not realize the virtual folders exists!

  2. Hi, Happy New Year!!!!

    I have installed FS-UAE and played a few games in single player…
    As this program can’t simulate two persons on one keyboard I’m looking into getting 2 good usb gamepads or joysticks. Which joysticks are compatible with FS-UAE?
    I have a macbook pro late 2010 8GB. Please give me a few examples. I’m after non-analog sticks as I’m not gonna run flight simulators πŸ™‚


    • Hi, any joystick/gamepad which works as a normal joystick device on OS X will work with FS-UAE. Controllers supported out of the box includes: Speed-Link Competition Pro (USB), XBox 360 Controller, PS3 Controller, many Logitech gamepads and Saitek P380 (and others). -And controllers which are not yet recognized can be set up with FS-UAE Launcher.

      So the most important thing is to get a controller which you *like* using. I prefer gamepads. If you want to have a more Amiga-like experience, the USB Competition Pro joystick may be a good choice.

      • Thanks for your prompt reply! I have just ordered 2 refurbished Wico Bat Handle and two PS3 controllers.. πŸ™‚ Now I have the best in both joysticks and controllers. πŸ™‚

        Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi, Dear Sir! I was looking for a usable Amiga emulator on Ubuntu, and I almost gave up, when I discovered this masterpiece yesterday. The GUI, the ease of use, the “feeling” is great and my daughters couldn’t stop playing with this. πŸ™‚ But my main purpose was to watch demos. Most ADF’s I’ve seen ran smoothly, but with some AGA demos (Nexus 7 by Andromeda) I experienced some slowlyness, specially with sound. Maybe graphics were slower too, but when music starts to slow down … it is a bit awkward πŸ™‚

    I made tests with a 3.1 Kickstart emulating an Amiga 4000 (040), all default settings on Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit, Intel Core2Duo 2400 MHz CPU with 4 GBs RAM. I tried on Windows 7 as well, but similar results. So my question is: is it possible that my PC’s specs are too low for this emulation, or I should change some settings … what do you think?
    Other than that … I am amazed!

    • Hi, glad you and your daughters like it πŸ™‚ Regarding the demo, the A4000 emulation needs some more work. It runs with variable speed – should run as fast as your system can emulate it, there are some unresolved issues with it. I got the same problem as you with this demo, and will use this to test the A4000 emulation.

      To get the demo running nicely, use A1200 instead! This model runs with a fixed number of cycles. A1200 emulation is more demanding than A4000 because it runs in cycle-exact mode for better accuracy. You can lower the accuracy (and thus turning off cycle-accurate mode) if your computer struggles to emulate A1200 at full speed!

      Also, on Ubuntu, make sure you don’t get performance problems due to compositing managers, see http://fengestad.no/fs-uae/performance.

      • Hi! A huuuuuuge improvement with A1200 and some Ubuntu performance settings (I forget Win7 from now on), especially on the disco-lights-globe part. Thanks for the tip, keep up the good work, we’ll talk later! πŸ™‚ I’m thinking about doing a Hungarian translation … later. Now I don’t have much time, have to go watch demos …

        • Well, if you want to translate (when you’re done watching demos ;-)), that’s great. I have added translation files for Hungarian just in case. They are available here along with instructions on how to translate: http://fengestad.no/fs-uae/localization (The Hungarian ones are hu.po, of course).

  4. Hi, very impressive work here! One question though: I am using a basic amiga 500 config with kickstart 1.3. I have tested loading workbench 1.3.3 (which works) – however, i have not been able to use the cursor keys when using workbench. Is this a known issue? Thanks

    • Yes, this is a common issue πŸ™‚ -The cursor keys are used for joystick emulation. Either set joystick port 1 to “nothing”, or insert host device “none” into it, or plug in a real joystick.

      You can also change these settings while running FS-UAE from the F12 menu.

  5. Still loving this emulator. One problem I encountered in the new v1.31: scan for games, then in results select one and hit “del” on keyboard will freeze the emulator.

  6. How exactly do I get software to the AMIGA side? For example, if I want to install LHA and INSTALLER, I would download those from Aminet, but how do I proceed from there, as they do not come on ADF which I could simply pop into a floppy drive…? I’m on OS X btw.

    • Hi! -There are many ways to do this, but the easiest way is to set up a virtual HD (mounted directory). You can install Workbench and keep your entire system on such a Virtual HD, for instance:
      hard_drive_0 = /Users/username/Amiga/Workbench
      You install Workbench on this new virtual HD by using the WB install floppies, of course. And then you can save files directly into this “HD” directly from your file system (but you should avoid modifying the HD content from outside FS-UAE while FS-UAE is running.

      If you instead use a hard drive image (HDF) for your system drive, you can still set up a secondary HD, for example:
      hard_drive_0 = /Users/username/Amiga/Workbench.hdf
      hard_drive_1 = /Users/username/Amiga/Files

      Other options include:
      * use a tool which supports editing file system content in ADF files and store the file in an ADF, for instance ADF Opus for windows.
      * download the file directly to the Amiga file system (but this requires you already have an Amiga web browser (or similar) installed, of course).

  7. Discovered this the day before yesterday and am just so impressed. Huge Amiga fan here and used to enjoy WinUAE for a while but was alwasy annoyed by all the setup, the “having-to-read-into-it” factor. It’s impressive how they create such compatibility and emulate virtually every aspect of the old systems, but for people looking to just enjoy their old favourite games it’s a pain to get into.

    This is where FS-UAE makes a great and important difference, and what I think is its unique feature other emulators do not offer in the same way. Thank you.

    I think this “configuration convenience” aspect you have is what you should focus on to further distinguish your project. I read somewhere you had plans for a game database which I think is a great thing to do. Perhaps it could be coupled with ideal configurations to run the games as smooth as possible. So just let people choose which game to play and have the emulator use the right configurations file automatically, as well as mounting all the discs, etc. What you have now is still too manual, even if it’s MUCH better than WinUAE.

    Please add an option in the installer if all of FS-UAE’s files and folder structure is added to “Documents”, “Install Dir” or “user specified” location. Fragmenting the emulator and its files across different locations is just confusing.

    Can’t wait to see this project progress in the future and I hope you’ll stick to your gaming focus.

    Lastly a stupid question: What is the “launcher” ?! When I read about it I was hoping maybe some new menu would pop-up to guide through more auto-config, but the emulator was the same? Guess I’m missing something.

    • Okay, so I figured I should’ve deleted my default configurations file first. WOW! This launcher is fantastic and full of potential.

      Two thoughts:

      (1) Make it possible to resize the window without icons disappearing (I’m using a 4:3 screen and could barely fit the launcher in width-wise)

      (2) I’m using someone else’s machine and the IRC chat just used the computer’s name, which is not my own. Perhaps a pop-up what alias to use before it connects to the channel?

      Overall, this is really seriously awesome and looks like I will spend quite some time with this.

    • Hi, and thanks for your feedback! I do plan to continue to make it better and easier to play games πŸ™‚ (though FS-UAE have gotten many non-gaming related features since it first appeared).

      I also see from your follow-up that you found the launcher. It is planned to make it into the next stable release (2.0) of FS-UAE (I have written a short road map towards 2.0).

      When I talk about game database, I really mean a game configuration database, a long with a set of game information (name, year, screenshots, cover, publisher). So the point is to be able to start games easily, not to compete with “Hall of Light” to become the ultimate Amiga game information database πŸ˜‰ Early support for this already exists, see:
      * https://fs-uae.net/database
      * http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=65057
      Much work needs to be done to make this feature more accessible, and contributions from other people are needed to maintain such a database, so better tools needs to be written to facilitate a distributed effort among many people (this all depends on whether enough people are interested in contributing to such a database, of course).

      Regarding the window size, what is your screen resolution? It is currently designed to require a minimum screen resolution of 1024×600.

      The Launcher net play / IRC feature works as it is now, but it still needs more GUI to make it more accessible. While not difficult to use if one reads the documentation, I plan to make GUI for creating / joining games and starting an online game session. The same applies to net play related settings, such as nick names -GUI for this is planned (You can, for now, specify the nick through “Custom Settings” in the launcher -from the rightmost toolbar icon). Because the GUI for this is not 100% complete, I will disable / hide the net play feature in the launcher (by default) for 2.0, so new users will not be confused by the lack of GUI and mistake it for a finished feature.

      Regarding files and folder structure, I will reconsider the structure at some point, but now right now, though I think the split between program data and user data will be kept also in the future, and I’m a bit skeptical to “bother” users with this question when running the installer. I lean towards trying to make sane defaults and rather make it possible for users to make changes if they don’t like the default. It is possible already to override where FS-UAE stores/reads user data, but it is not documented good enough. I plan to update and improve the documentation after releasing 2.0 (and make it more topic-based).

      But perhaps I can make another download option for Windows – a zip file with FS-UAE and FS-UAE Launcher, pre-configured to run in “portable mode”…

      • Thanks for your in-depth reply.

        I did notice you were straying from the game-focus, which I hope you won’t. Amiga emulator coders seem to get a boon out of just achieving to emulate something successfully for the sake of it, regardless if it’s useful or not. This results in an endless amount of user config and confusion. I hope you won’t go down the same road with this project.

        Just downloaded the game database. I couldn’t have dreamt it any better. This is just absolutely fantastic. You’re a legend dude.

        My screen resolution is 1024px in width, and my windows taskbar is vertical, so the left end of the launcher window is not usable. It’s not too big of a deal obviously. Perhaps at some point in the future you can make the icons auto-rearrange when resizing the window.

        I’ve read through your documentation(s) so I’m aware you can look up some settings files in folder xyz and edit them in a text editor to get something you want (IRC nick, default folders, etc.). I think the point is that nobody wants to do this. You seem to be advanced at creating GUIs with good usability, and like I said earlier this is your fortΓ©. You should keep the “convenience in config” focus.

        I’m excited to see what happens when netplay is fully implemented. Have you ever heard of http://ggpo.net/? It’s a netplay service for arcade beat-em up games using the final burn emulator. They have a really advanced anti-input-delay mechanism based on save-state guessing as far as I understand it. Just thought I’d share this.

  8. Hello, Frode.

    I just learned about FS-UAE. I haven’t loaded or tried the emulator yet, though it looks like a nice project and wish you all the luck with it. Maybe I’ll try it some day when I have more time.

    One thing I can comment on, after reading through some threads, is the difference between your relation with FS-UAE users and that between Toni Wilen and WinUAE users. I have been banned from that forum just for speaking my mind and eventually stating the fact that everybody there has to suck up to him (and they do). It is a very sickly master-slaves (worshipers) relationship they have there. Whereas you seem to have a healthy relation with the users, treating them on the same level as yourself, as in you-need-them-and-they-need-you and as in every other project I know of. Perhaps Toni will wise up now that he has some competition once more (remember the Fellow project?) πŸ˜‰

    Again, good luck and keep up the good work.

    Filipe Alves

    • Hi, and thank you for your wishes! I hope you like FS-UAE if/when you eventually try it πŸ™‚ Regarding WinUAE, I have only had good dealings with Toni, and I have no desire to out-compete WinUAE ;-). Toni’s improvements to Amiga emulation accuracy benefit both WinUAE and FS-UAE (and the Amiga community at large).

      I must wholeheartedly agree with your observations regarding the FS-UAE community. I have exclusively gotten great and encouraging feedback, and without it, FS-UAE would surely not have been developed to its current state. I hope this will continue to be the case going forward.

      • Hello again.

        Needless to say, Toni is technically brilliant and has an astonishing development ability. He is by far and large the best developer WinUAE ever had. That much is granted.

        Speaking of technicalities: from a Windows user point of view, which advantages has FS-UAE got over WinUAE? From what I could understand reading the site, they would be:

        -Internet play
        -joypad/stick controlled interface, good for HTPC

        Am I correct? Also I assume that some of the more intricate options in WinUAE (to do with chipset and the like) are not present in FS-UAE. Also, is there any main feature of WinUAE not available in FS-UAE?


        • Hi, sorry for late answer, I have been unavailable the last week. But to answer your post, another point is that FS-UAE may run better (or worse) on a given Windows system – video/audio/input code is completely different, and OpenGL is used instead of Direct3D (to be platform independent). If for instance WinUAE runs badly on one system due to driver issues, FS-UAE may still work smoothly.

          If you create/maintain configuration files, FS-UAE should be easier to work with, as you only specify “exceptions” in the config files -compared to typical WinUAE/UAE configuration files where all options are saved, making it difficult to see exactly what’s configured.

          Finally, since FS-UAE is a bit different to WinUAE in usage, one might simply prefer it (subjectively), but this could easily also go the other way πŸ˜‰

          Regarding emulation features, chipset and hardware features are mostly all available in FS-UAE. While FS-UAE does not expose options for many specific features, you can still give FS-UAE “uae options” directly to override chipset features. Features WinUAE has which FS-UAE does not have are typically features which need platform-specific code, such as the ability to use native CD-ROMs directly (via Windows APIs), Catweasel support, and a bunch of other features it has accumulated throughout the years. I have until now mostly focused on features which can be easily coded once for all supported platforms.

          Of course, for Linux / Mac OS X users, choosing FS-UAE should be much simpler choice since UAE/E-UAE has not been actively maintained for many years.

  9. I’ve really enjoyed using fs-uae on my MacBook Pro. One strange thing I’ve noticed is that I have to enter the full path to the Kickstarts (/Users/blah/Documents/….), but I can get away with using an abbreviated path to disk images (~/Documents/….). Not a show-stopper, just some strange behavior. I encountered this while using the launcher, not with fs-uae itself. I have absolutely no problem with opening any config file from the Finder. It’s only the launcher that requires me to use an absolute path for the Kickstart.

    • Hi, glad you’re enjoying it πŸ™‚ But you are right, the launcher did not support the shortened paths. It is implemented in version 1.3.26+!

  10. Is there any way you can run FS-UAE so that you can pick any game you want to play without using the config file ?

    • If you download the most recent development version, a new “FS-UAE Launcher” is included (screenshot from the Linux version). This program lets you choose floppy disks, Amiga model, etc in an easy-to-use GUI. No more config files needed!

      It also has initial support for game browsing / game database -and automatically creating game entries based on scanned recognized floppy files (just remember that it is still under development, so it’s not “perfect” yet).

      FS-UAE (the emulator) itself does not have a setup GUI and/or game browser, and this is intentional. The idea is to let FS-UAE do what it does best, and let users set it up via FS-UAE Launcher. I am also planning to complement the suite with a third component, a full-screen game browser for FS-UAE usable with game controllers.

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