FS-UAE Launcher

FS-UAE Launcher running in KDE on Linux

FS-UAE Launcher is now available from the download page for all supported platforms, and is included in the main download packages for Windows and Mac OS X.

The functionality of FS-UAE Launcher will be documented better in the future, but for the most part it is easy to use and does not require much explanation!

FS-UAE Launcher Topics

The following pages have more in-depth documentation specific to FS-UAE Launcher:

Screenshots and Covers

FS-UAE Launcher supports displaying a cover, a title screen and a number of screenshots per game / configuration. The name and location of these images are determined from the name of the configuration.

If you have a configuration called Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, the cover will be found in:

Documents/FS-UAE/Covers/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.jpg

or, if not found,

Documents/FS-UAE/Covers/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.png

The title screen:

Documents/FS-UAE/Titles/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.png

And the screenshots display in FS-UAE launcher are found in the directory Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots:

Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2.png
Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2_2.png
Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2_3.png
Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2_4.png
Documents/FS-UAE/Screenshots/L/Lotus Turbo Challenge 2_5.png

If you have a left parenthesis in the configuration name, only the bit before the parenthesis will be used to look up the images. So for instance, images for Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (WHDLoad) will also be found at exactly the same place as the above examples. If you want to distinguish two similar configurations, consider using square brackets instead, e.g. Elf [Ocean] and Elf [MicroValue].

If the game name starts with the words The or A, these words will be ignored when deciding on the directory letter. So the screenshots for A Cruise for a Corpse should be put in the C directory, and likewise, screenshots for The Manager should be put in the M directory.

37 thoughts on “FS-UAE Launcher

  1. Frode,
    Thank you for your work on this great emulator. Is there an option for changing the font size of the launcher? I am using v2.6.0beta2 and the font is very difficult to read.

    • Hi, there is no option for that, but it probably isn’t very hard for me to add. I would some more background information, can you post or send me (frode@fs-uae.net) a screenshot displaying the launcher window, preferable together with other programs on your computer with more readable font size?

    • I don’t remember if I replied to you with an update, but I did add a font size setting to FS-UAE Launcher.

      • Frode,

        Bravo! That did it, I have set it to the highest setting and can read the text clearly. I have attached photots showing the difference.
        Thank you again for a great product and making it better.


  2. What should the name of the directory be for covers, titles, and screenshots that begin with numbers—like 1943 or 4th and inches—they wouldn’t go under “A”. Would they go under “1” or “#”?

      • Actually, the directory is 0 (zero), but FS-UAE Launcher will also look for all names (not just names starting with numbers) directly in the screenshots/titles/covers directories.

        • Thanks! That’s much neater.

          At least it worked in a pinch.

          Now I just want my custom games in the Arcade app—then I’ll be a near-perfectly happy camper. 🙂 I’ve got a big collection already and love the emulator very much—and the arcade interface is awesome. I just want it to work with the games I’ve personally imported as well. I’ve got the artwork and screenshots.

  3. Hi, I’m working to get fs-uae running in mx-14-2 (pae). I’m a linux newbie, so it should be interesting if nothing else. 🙂 I’ve got fs-uae and the launcher installed. Pulled the kickstart-roms and rom.key off my Amiga Forever cd-rom. Will you be adding RP9 support in the future? Lots of good Amiga games and stuff is available via RP9. Lots of games here: http://awesome.commodore.me/amiga/amiga-games. Thanks for the nice program. Will be nice to be able to play with amiga stuff outside of Windows.

  4. Hi,

    I found a small annoyance in the launcher, when trying to match my ADFs with OAGD.net.

    My IPF zipped file are correctly recognized, but none of my ADZ files. I found out that the reason was the gzip encoding of these files. When I gunzip them to plain ADFs, the sha1 is recognized. When I ZIP the ADFs to an ADZ file, they are also recognized. Only the gzip encoding does not work.

    Once again, congratulations for this great work!

  5. Hello frode.
    Congratulations for the emulator so great!
    Some ideas for next updates of fs-uae launcher maybe, if you agree
    – to be able to choose and show favorites games
    – classify games by developpers,year (or genre) or display games by a unique developper ( or year or genre) with the search function (with the amiga game database datas)
    – display number of games available (or configurations) in total or in subcategories (dev,year,genre,search)



    • Hi, and thanks for your feedback. Most of these ideas as already on my todo list, but I don’t have any definitive answer to exactly when they will be available (or in what version). You’ll have to monitor the release announcements 🙂

  6. Hi Frode,

    As of version 2.4 jpg cover art aren’t displayed correctly anymore. I have approx 2000 covers in jpg format in my “covers”-folder. I’ve noticed that if I convert them to png they will show up as before, but that would see my folder grow with lots of MB.

    In short: Here’s to hoping you will reconsider jpg-support for covers.

    Oh, and thank you for a truly brilliant emulator. Really.

    • Hi, JPEG covers seems to work here. Can you help me with a better test case? You could for example send (frode@fs-uae.net) one of your config files, and the corresponding cover (and also let me know exactly where I should store the cover – and with what name). It would be useful to have the launcher log file, so please do this: start the launcher, select the config (the same you are sending), observe that the cover does not load as expected – then QUIT the launcher and attach FS-UAE/Cache/Logs/fs-uae-launcher.log.txt to the e-mail!

  7. Any chance to fully support rp9 files in the FS-UAE Launcher? Currently rp9 files are handled like zip files without handling the rp9-manifest.xml, which feels a bit like a missed opportunity to make the configuration more automatic. The launcher could also display the extras data (screenshot, audio, help).

    • Hi, there hasn’t really been much demand for .rp9 support, I think you’re only the second person to mention it. But it is possible I can have a look at it during the 2.5.x development series (which will soon begin). I have registered an enhancement ticket for it here: http://fs-uae.net/trac/ticket/14.

  8. First of all, congratulations on your incredible piece of software!!!

    I have been fooling around with ADF creation and I think it would be awesome to add an option to label ADF floppies without having to mess with Workbench (yet I don’t know if this could be made straightforward enough). This would be useful for some games requiring a savedisk such as, for instance, Pool Of Radiance, which needs a floppy labeled POOLSAVE.

    Congratulations again and thanks a lot for your fine work!

    • Hi, I do indeed plan to add more options to the floppy creation dialog, including being able to set volume label (and perhaps choose from OFS and FFS file systems, etc). Anyway, thanks for the info regarding Pool of Radiance, if the disk must be called POOLSAVE and it cannot be formatted from within the game, than that’s something the online game database (OAGD.net) should handle somehow. I’ll make a note of that!

  9. Is it possible to configure a different folder than ~/FS-UAE, e.g. ~/.fs-uae? I’d like to keep my home folder clean 🙂

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