Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac OS X users: In windowed mode, F12 and F11 may be intercepted by the desktop, so you may need to combine them with the Cmd key, for instance Cmd+F12 to toggle menu mode. With a laptop, you may even need to combine this with the Fn key, depending on your setup.

  • F12 – Enter/exit menu mode. See notes for laptop and Mac OS X users below.
  • F12 + QQuit the emulator.
  • F12 + GRelease/capture mouse and keyboard input grab. Clicking the middle moue button will also release input grab.
  • F12 + F – Toggle full-screen mode.
  • F12 + Z or F11 – Cycle through zoom modes.
  • F12 + B – Toggle border display, zooming out a little bit to reveal more of the display.
  • F12 + S or Print Scrn – Save a screenshot of the current Amiga frame to the desktop.
  • F12 + R – Soft reset.
  • F12 + THard reset.
  • F12 + AFreeze button for use with Action Replay.
  • F12 + D – Activate debugger (console only).
  • F12 + M to mute the sound.
  • F12 + W to toggle warp mode (no frame limit, no audio). This does not affect the emulation accuracy, it only removes the pauses between generating frames.
  • F12 + Comma to decrease the volume.
  • F12 + Period to increase the volume.
  • F12 + P or Pause/Break key to pause the emulation.

Laptop users: Depending on your laptop, you may need to combine the above keyboard shortcuts with the Fn key, or toggle the F-Lock key first. Worst case is Mac laptop where you may need to press Fn+Cmd+Key.

For all shortcuts where F12 is combined with another key, you can also use F11 instead. Example: F11+Q will also quit the emulator.

Emulating a Joystick or Gamepad via the Keyboard

See Keyboard Input.

Additional Shortcuts

The following shortcuts work, but you should be aware that the Alt key press will be sent to the emulated Amiga before you have completed the shortcut combination, so the key press may have side effects on the emulated Amiga:

  • Alt+Tab (or Cmd+Tab) – Switch to another window / release input grab.
  • Alt+F4 – Quit the emulator.
  • Alt+Enter (or Cmd+Enter) – Toggle fullscreen mode.
  • Ctrl+F10 – Toggle performance graphs / FPS display (There are two FPS numbers shown, SYS: actual video output frame rate. EMU: emulated video frame rate).

Additional Shortcuts in Net Play Mode

The following shortcuts will only have an special effect while in net play mode:

  • Tab – toggle chat function.

75 thoughts on “Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Why is the screenshot saved to the desktop? I’d much rather be able to set a directory to save screenshots in.

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  3. Is there a way to disable ALT+F4 to close the main window? That is a problem for protracker users 🙂

  4. Hi There,

    i short question regarding FS-UAE. Is there an option to speed up the loading times during games load? I know this option from another emulators out there.

  5. I’d love to see keyboard shortcuts for load and save state, at least for the topmost state in the list.

    • Hi, perhaps there should be some default shortcuts, but you can at least set this up manually. For example (insert in config file, or in Custom Settings in FS-UAE Launcher):

      keyboard_key_f1 = action_restore_state_1
      keyboard_key_shift_f1 = action_save_state_1

      See for more key names and actions.

      • Ah, I didn’t notice those actions, this is excellent. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  6. please give a hint for first time starters to use F12 (+ combinations for shortcuts) to enter the menu! put this hint somewhere in the window bar or so… i was trapped in FS-UAE with no clue how to get my mouse pointer back or quit the program!! also, Mac laptops are very popular nowadays so I would suggest to find another key combination than the awkward Fn+Cmd+F12(+extra key) or advertise it properly!

    • Hi, it is true that this is a usability issue -especially when starting FS-UAE in fullscreen. It will likely be resolved with an overlay message being displayed until you dismiss with F12 (and then it will not be shown again).

      The reason F12 is used, is because this key does not exist on Amiga keyboard. Other keys, say F3 or Tab exists on the Amiga keyboard, and key presses for these keys are sent to the emulated Amiga. There really is no “perfect solution” here. And while I agree Fn+Cmd+F12+key is very “silly”, I blame laptop vendors and Apple for this 😉 You can fortunately change settings so the F-keys works as F-keys by default, and removing the F12 shortcut to trigger some OS X desktop function is also possible. I have certainly done this myself on the laptop used for OS X development and testing.

    • The documentation isn’t completely updated for the 2.2 release. You can now use F12+w to enable/disable warp mode (emulate as fast as possible without frame throttling). This mode will not affect compatibility as the emulated Amiga won’t know that it is running faster…

      If you want to speed up only the floppy drives, you can use the “floppy_drive_speed” config option. This option can affect compatibility.

  7. Hi,
    Is it possible to emulate both joystick 1 and joystick 2 on the keyboard?
    Like having left ctrl for player 1 and right ctrl for player 2.


    • Yes it is possible. But there isn’t a ready-to-use option to use a secondary layout. And please note a common problem with keyboards are that you cannot press certain keys at a same time. So with two players, you may need to press 6 keys at a time, and this can be impossible on many modern USB keyboards. I do recommend getting a gamepad. But you can do this:
      – use keyboard emulation in joystick port 1 as normal
      – use joystick port mode “joystick” and no host device in port 0.
      – use key mapping to map keys, for example: keyboard_key_lctrl = action_joy_0_fire_button
      – and similar for up down left and right, see and

  8. Hi, I tested FS-UAE under both Windows 7 and Mac os X Lion, and I’ve found a difference in the keyboard: OS X Lion CapsLock key must be pushed 3 times to maximize characters size, and 3 times again to minimize it. The cause can be that I use the French AZERTY apple keyboard. Can i fix it by setting up something in my keyboard or in FS-UAE?

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