Keyboard Input

Not all Amiga keys are present on modern computer keyboards, and vice versa. Most keys are mapped like you would expect (F1 on your keyboard activates F1 on the emulated Amiga keyboard, etc).

Here are some notable exceptions:

  • Amiga Help = End (Mac laptops: Fn + Right)
  • Amiga Delete = Delete (Mac laptops: Fn + Backspace)
  • Amiga Numpad Left Paren = Home (Mac laptops: Fn + Left)
  • Amiga Numpad Right Paren = Page Up (Mac laptops: Fn + Up)
  • Amiga Left A = Page Down or Right Menu / Right Windows key.
  • Amiga Right A = Left Menu / Left Windows key.
  • Amiga Ctrl = Left Ctrl
  • Amiga key to the left of Backspace = Insert

Emulator keyboard shortcuts are documented on a separate page.

Key Mapping and International Keys

International keys are positionally mapped as best as possible, which hopefully means that you can set your keyboard layout in Amiga Workbench and the keyboard behaves like it is supposed to. This means that symbols on your PC keyboard (and modifier keys) will not correspond to what is input on the Amiga – unless a PC-compatible keyboard map is installed.

Emulating a Joystick or Gamepad via the Keyboard

When you emulate an Amiga joystick with your keyboard, the following keys are used to control the joystick:

  • Cursor keys controls the joystick stick.
  • Right Ctrl or Right Alt controls the fire button.

When the keys are used to emulate the joystick, they will not activate the corresponding Amiga keys while you use this feature. So to use all Amiga features at the same time, a connected real joystick or gamepad is recommended, though it is usually not a problem. Most joystick-controlled games do not require the keyboard cursor keys to be used also…

When playing CD32 games with the keyboard emulating a gamepad, additional keys are used to control the addition buttons on the gamepad:

  • Cursor Keys – Controls the directional pad.
  • C – Red
  • X – Blue
  • D – Green
  • S – Yellow
  • Return – Play
  • Z – Rewind
  • A – Forward
  • Right Ctrl or Right Alt also controls the red button.

Emulating a Second Joystick with Keyboard

FS-UAE does not support two emulated joysticks on one keyboard out of the box. But it is still possible to do it 🙂

If you want to map keys on the numpad to the Amiga joystick in the mouse port, you can put something like this in advanced settings:

keyboard_key_kp4 = action_joy_0_left
keyboard_key_kp6 = action_joy_0_right
keyboard_key_kp8 = action_joy_0_up
keyboard_key_kp2 = action_joy_0_down
keyboard_key_kp0 = action_joy_0_fire_button

You’ll then specify Joystick as mode for the mouse port, and select No Host Device. The above settings will make sure the keys are mapped regardless!

49 thoughts on “Keyboard Input

  1. Is it possible to remap a keyboard? I use the standard Mac keyboard which lacks the block numbers 1-9 (which were on the right of the Amiga keyboard) but need them to play Ambermoon smoothly. I also need to assign the return key to another key.

    Any help to this?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. Hey, I am trying to play Escape from Colditz, and one of the inputs for “grab” and “cycle through inventory” are confusing. They are arrows, but the movement keys are cursor keys as well. I don’t know what to do and I can’t figure this out.

    • I’m guessing that the problem is that you use the keyboard for joystick emulation, which makes it impossible to use the “Amiga cursor keys” ingame. Please attach a real gamepad/joystick and use that as a simulated Amiga joystick, then the cursor keys will be free to work as on a real Amiga.

  3. Loving the app! Anyone tried playing Captive though? The keyboard is too sensitive. Pushing any key once does it multiple times. Keep crashing into walls or turning too much!!
    Can control will using mouse on the screen direction keys but this is slow.
    Any ideas on the keyboard problem?

    • Hi, are you by any chance running a recent Linux distribution? I have discovered that there is a bug with keyboard repeat (not an FS-UAE bug, but a system bug) when running at least on Ubuntu 17.04.

  4. Hi.
    I opened the game, flood. After it loaded up, I wanted to type level passwords in, such as FROG.
    I can type in FR but not O
    It seems that I can only use half of the keyboard.
    I’m using keyboard layout 1 with mouse.
    Anyway of getting around this?

    • I cannot reproduce the problem. (Also, FS-UAE does not have a concept called “Keyboard layout 1”?). Have you added any advanced settings, such as using keyboard_key_o and assigned to a custom action?

  5. Is there any way to map two buttons into one action?
    example: joystick_1_button_7+joystick_1_button_8 = action_quit (something like that?)

    I did try that example with no luck though but haven’t found any examples in the docs.

  6. Hi Frode,
    I’m using 2.9.0dev and I can’t seem to be able to get the CD32 controller to work at all using the keyboard. The standard keys C,X,D,S don’t do anything, and nothing happens even if I try to override the inputs in the the configuration options, using

    keyboard_key_lctrl = action_joy_1_cd32_green
    keyboard_key_lalt = action_joy_1_cd32_yellow
    keyboard_key_lshift = action_joy_1_cd32_red
    keyboard_key_z = action_joy_1_cd32_blue
    keyboard_key_space = action_joy_1_cd32_rwd
    keyboard_key_x = action_joy_1_cd32_fwd
    keyboard_key_1 = action_joy_1_cd32_play

    My controller is an arcade joystick connected to an I-PAC interface that is seen by the system as a keyboard. Normal Amiga emulation works fine selecting Windows Keyboard as an input, but I would like to get CD32 input working too! Any idea?

      • I know this thread is old… I am running a IPAC as well with a primary keyboard connected too.
        I tried to map the following:
        joystick_port_1 = Keyboard
        keyboard_key_down = action_joy_0_dpad_down
        keyboard_key_lctrl = action_joy_0_fire_button
        keyboard_key_lalt = action_joy_0_2nd_button
        keyboard_key_left = action_joy_0_dpad_left
        keyboard_key_right = action_joy_0_dpad_right
        keyboard_key_up = action_joy_0_dpad_up

        rctrl on the real keyboard is the button – the above lctrl is ignored… I even tried mapping _z as fire_button and still nothing – what am I missing?.

        • Hi, there is no such action as for example action_joy_0_dpad_down. See /input-actions. There is for example action_joy_0_down (though you want to use action_joy_1_down if you want to map to the joystick port on the Amiga).

  7. I am desperate. I am try to play with my cousins the games we used to play 20 years ago. Yet, I can´t manage to get 2 players settings right.
    I first tried to get two joysticks mapped on the keyboard. I wrote the configurations to map the two amiga joysticks (ports 0, 1) onto the aswd and arrows of the keyboard. in the configurations I set the first joystick as OS keyboard and the second one as “no device”. When I start the rom a text appears and says “port 0 switched to mouse mode” and one of the two players is controlled by the mouse.

    I also bought two generic usb snes controllers and used the gui to select the correct joypad buttons. When I start the game only one joypad appears to make changes, but the buttons are all random again (only up and down, no left and right).

    I know I come with two different problems, but solving either one of them would make me very happy.

    I have a macbook pro 2011. OS 10.10. fs-uae version 2.8.2.

    • Hi, the autoswitching to mouse should ideally work fine, but if you get a lot of spurious mouse movements for some reason, it could maybe cause issues. You can disable that with:
      joystick_port_0_autoswitch = 0.

      Please also note that you can encounter issues when trying two-player via the same keyboard. Many keyboards only supports X number of keys being pressed simultaneously (X could even depend on exactly what key combinations are pressed), so it is possible that some key presses will not be triggered correctly. Using at least one real gamepad/joystick is highly recommended to avoid this (and this is also the reason why FS-UAE does not include support for “Keyboard 2”).

      Regarding the joystick(s), have you tried running the gamepad button mapping tool in FS-UAE Launcher Settings? Go to Joysticks & Gamepads and doubleclick on your device to map the buttons. Map the movement to the d-pad, the one you want as fire button as “south button”, and secondary fire as “west button”.

  8. How can I use the secondary fire button? (I use the MacBook Pro, and sensible soccer game :). only the “lower” working

    thank you

    • You need to either attach a gamepad/joystick, or manually map a key to secondary fire, for example something like this:
      keyboard_key_q = action_joy_1_2nd_button

  9. Any way to prevent (right or left) command+q from exiting FS-UAE, so it instead is trapped as (right or left) amiga-key+q?

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