Using Floppy Images

Here’s FS-UAE Launcher with a floppy chosen for DF0, which is also added to the floppy swapping list.

You cannot generally use Amiga floppies in a PC floppy drive, and FS-UAE does not support using real floppy drives. Instead, you need a floppy image – a file with a copy of the data contained on a floppy.

FS-UAE supports floppy images in multiple file formats: ADF, IPF, DMS are the most common. ADZ (compressed ADF) and ADFs in zip files are a also supported.

When you use FS-UAE Launcher, you have a convenient GUI for insert files into floppy drives. Also, there is a Select Multiple Files function where you can select multiple files for a game, and the files will be inserted into all available drives and also added to the floppy swapping list.

Floppy Swapping

To be able to change floppy disks during play, the floppy image files must be added to the list of swappable floppies. When you use FS-UAE Launcher, this is easy. In the “Floppies” tab, there is a GUI to manage the list of floppies. If you don’t add anything to the floppy list, the floppies assigned to floppy drives will automatically be added to the swap list.

When running FS-UAE, you change disks in the floppy drives from the on-screen menu by pressing F12.

Note: Even though FS-UAE supports up to four floppy drives, a game may not support using all drives. Some games supports only reading from the first floppy drive. In this case, you must use the floppy swapping feature to swap the disks in the first floppy drive.

Manual Configuration

If you use FS-UAE manually, you specify floppy images for drives in configuration files (see the documentation for these options for more information.):

floppy_drive_0 = Pinball Dreams (1992)(21st Century)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr FLT].adf
floppy_drive_1 = Pinball Dreams (1992)(21st Century)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr FLT].adf

When a game has multiple floppy disks, there are two ways to set this up in FS-UAE. One way is to use multiple floppy drives, and put one disk in each drive like you would on a real Amiga with multiple drives:

floppy_drive_0 = Pinball Dreams (1992)(21st Century)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr FLT].adf
floppy_drive_1 = Pinball Dreams (1992)(21st Century)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr FLT].adf

You can emulate up to four floppy drives this way (floppy_drive_0…floppy_drive_3).

When a game has more than 4 floppies, or the game supports just one floppy drive and requires floppy-swapping, you can do this instead:

floppy_drive_0 = Pinball Dreams (1992)(21st Century)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr FLT].adf

floppy_image_0 = Pinball Dreams (1992)(21st Century)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr FLT].adf
floppy_image_1 = Pinball Dreams (1992)(21st Century)(Disk 2 of 2)[cr FLT].adf

You are then able to swap floppies using the FS-UAE menu. In the above example, Disk 1 is inserted in drive 0, and both Disk 1 and Disk 2 is added to the floppy image list. You can add up to 20 floppies to the floppy image list using the floppy_image_* options.

Floppy Overlays and Writable Floppy Images

By default, changes to floppy drives are not written back to the original files. The changes are instead saved in overlay floppy files. FS-UAE stores these files by default in Documents/FS-UAE/Floppy Overlays.

If you want to, you can use the option writable_floppy_images to enable writing data to the original files instead.

71 thoughts on “Using Floppy Images

  1. Frode Solheim, Thank you so much for all your good work!
    Tusen takk!
    En Amiga elsker.

  2. Hello,

    I am abit new to these emulators and have a quick question with regards to unpublished games

    Is there a way that the game can be edited in FS-UAE because when ever I change anything on the unpublished files it reverts back to its original settings


    • At this point, there is no good way to override options in configurations from the online game database on a permanent basis (other than submitting to I have some ideas on how to improve this, which I might want to implement in the future 🙂

  3. Is anyone maintaining this forum? I have a comment that has been waiting moderation for 5 months!!!

  4. Goodday,

    I’m using winUAE and FS-UAE (respectively on a windooz and linux env) with much joy. FS-UAE has a somewhat more accessible interface, kudo’s for that!:)

    One thing I still haven’t figured out (or might be missing) is how to access my library of ADF files while running a configuration. It is of course possible to start an emulation with one or more ADF’s in the diskswap container, but is there also an option to open a filerequest and browse a directory to pick an ADF to mount? That’s the only thing I miss in FS-UAE currently.

    Thank you in advance and kind regards,

    • Hi, there is not an option for this, currently. But I have some code (in progress) for open file dialogs from within FS-UAE, so it will probably be possible in a future version.

  5. Hi evrybody! I have a question. I have install FS-UAE on retropie. The problem is , i cant play roms with two or more adf files. Via retropie game list menu i can change only one adf file. Is it possible to create a +start Fs-uae on amiga game list? Is there another way to fix this issue? Many thanks.Aggelos.Greece.

    • Hi, sorry, this site has nothing to do with RetroPie, you must try to ask on their forum instead!

  6. Is there a shortcut for disk swapping?
    Having to press F12 and …. to change a disk is a pain.
    WinUAE allows the END+1, END+2, etc. to swap disks.
    Does such a facility exist on FS-UAE ?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. I can’t get this to play ANY ADF files.
    It just takes me to a screen showing a floppy disk, but no game ever starts.

    • It sounds like the ADF file is not inserted into the floppy drive, or the ADF file is not bootable. Hard to say without more information…

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