Joysticks and Gamepad Controllers

This information is outdated. Several more controllers are supported out of the box. Also, FS-UAE Launcher comes with an easy-to-use GUI for map the buttons of any gamepad or joystick.

The following information applies to FS-UAE 2.3.4 and newer!

Logitech Cordless Precision Gamepad

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “PS3/USB Cordless Gamepad” (ps3_usb_cordless_gamepad_13_4_1_0_linux).

Logitech Gamepad F310

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box in Xinput mode, set switch on backside to “X”. Identified as “Generic X-Box pad” (generic_x_box_pad_11_6_1_0_linux).

Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box in Xinput mode, set switch on backside to “X”. Identified as “Generic X-Box pad” (generic_x_box_pad_11_6_1_0_linux).

Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box in both modes (DirectInput and Xinput). Identified as “Logitech Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2” (logitech_logitech_cordless_rumblepad_2_12_4_1_0_linux) or as “Generic X-Box pad” (generic_x_box_pad_11_6_1_0_linux). Xinput mode is recommended, as the menu button will then work too.

Microsoft XBox 360 Controller (Wired)

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “Microsoft X-Box 360 pad” (microsoft_x_box_360_pad_11_6_1_0_linux).

Microsoft XBox 360 Controller (Wireless)

Requires a XBox 360 wireless controller receiver plugged into an USB port.

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver” (xbox_360_wireless_receiver_15_6_0_0_linux).

Saitek P380

Controller lacks menu button (Use select + start combo instead).

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “Jess Tech Dual Analog Pad” (jess_tech_dual_analog_pad_12_4_1_0_linux).

Saitek P880

This controller lacks left and right trigger buttons (have only left and right shoulder buttons). Does not matter for FS-UAE but some predefined shortcuts may not work out of the box. Button 5 and 6 are mapped to select and start respectively, and the “shift” button is mapped as menu button.

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “SAITEK P880” (saitek_p880_12_4_1_0_linux).

Sony PlayStation 3 Controller – Connected to USB

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “Sony PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller” (sony_playstation_r_3_controller_19_27_0_0_linux).

Thrustmaster 2 in 1 DT

Controller lacks menu button (Use select + start combo instead). L2 and R2 are left and right triggers.

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “THRUSTMASTER 2 in 1 DT” (thrustmaster_2_in_1_dt_12_4_1_0_linux).


Controllers supported out of the box with FS-UAE (but please check the entries for platform-specific notes).

  • Logitech PS3/USB Cordless Gamepad
  • Logitech Dual Action
  • Logitech Extreme 3D PRO
  • Logitech Rumblepad 2
  • Logitech Gamepad F310
  • Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510
  • Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710
  • Playstation 3 Controller
  • Saitek P380
  • Saitek P880
  • SmartJoyPlus / TigerGame PS/PS2 Game Controller Adapter
  • Speed-Link Competition Pro
  • Thrustmaster 2-in-1 DT
  • Xbox 360 Wired Controller
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

If your controller is not on this list, you can create a custom controller configuration for your gamepad/joystick!

Configurations not bundled with FS-UAE

The following joysticks and gamepad are not supported out of the box, because they represent themselves with a too generic name to autoconfigure correctly. But if you have one of these, you can download the configuration from here instead of creating your own.

69 thoughts on “Joysticks and Gamepad Controllers

  1. Hi Frode –

    Using the latest development version, injected into Amilator and booting to an A1200/040. Everything is almost working, but I can’t get FS-UAE to automatically select my joystick. I have a Speed-link Competition Pro (I know, but I like it!) which is detected fine in the F12 menu, and works just lovely. However, putting this line in the config file:

    joystick_port_1 = SPEED-LINK Competition Pro

    Does not automatically enable the joystick – the menu shows “No device”.

    I can’t see what the full name is (though my mac shows it as the above when connected) in FS-UAE as the name is too long to display – it shows “A SPEED-LINK COMPETITIO” before running out of space in the UI.

    Is this broken or am I doing something spectacularly stupid?

    • Also just to mention that running “uae-configuration” with no parameters lists joystick_port_1 as having Nothing assigned to it even though the F12 menu has the joystick selected and tested working. Using uae-configuration joystick_port_1 to set the joystick also fails, regardless of surrounding the joystick name in quote marks or not (I’m not entirely sure how uae-configuration handles parameters with spaces in their names).

    • Hi, the device name can vary depending on OS. You can check in fs-uae.log.txt what the full name is (since it’s too long for the UI). You’ll see something like this:

      [INPUT] fs_ml_input_init
      [INPUT] fs_ml_mouse_init
      [INPUT] Adding system mouse
      [INPUT] Joystick device count: 1
      [INPUT] SDL_JoystickGetDeviceGUID(0) = 030000000b0400003365000000010000
      [INPUT] SDL_JoystickOpen(0)
      [INPUT] Joystick device #01 found: MOSIC      SPEED-LINK COMPETITION PRO
      [INPUT] 4 buttons 0 hats 2 axes 0 balls
      [INPUT] Joystick instance ID = 0
      [INPUT] Initialize

      So, on my system,

      joystick_port_1 = MOSIC      SPEED-LINK COMPETITION PRO

      should work fine (it’s case insensitive).

      (Note: with only one joystick connected, it should also automatically be inserted into port 1 if you don’t specify devices for ports…)

  2. Hi Frode,

    I recently updated from 2.6.2 to 2.8.2 but the home button of my xbox 360 doesn’t launch the in-game menu (F12) anymore. I’m using OS X 10.10.5

      • I’ve tried 2.8.2u1 but it didn’t work either. I also tried 2.9.2dev : the home button trigger fire instead of the menu (same as 2.8.2u1). I’v checked several times and nothing is overrided by configs. The controller config in the parameters has home mapped to button_10. In fact most of the buttons (d-pad included) trigger Fire.

        • Hi, it sounds like the controller just isn’t recognized out of the box. Please use Launcher Settings: Joysticks and Gamepads and configure your gamepad there (double-click it to configure it).

          • Hi, it’s finally working with 2.8.3 and remaping the buttons !

  3. The emulator recognises my PS3 controller connected via USB but when I start a game none of the buttons work. All 4 lights flash on the controller, it should just light up the player 1 light. Any help appreciated

    • Hi, the lights are not controlled by FS-UAE. It is possible you have a problem with your controller unrelated to FS-UAE.
      1. What operating system do you have?
      2. Does the controller work in other applications/games on the same system?

  4. Hi Frode,

    I’m here for the autofire again 😉

    Since my update to 2.6.1, the left trigger didn’t auto fire anymore, on my PS3 controller. The right trigger autofire did not work either.

    I found out, that in /usr/share/fs-uae/input/sony/playstation_r_3_controller.ini, there were the following mappings:
    axis_12_pos = left_trigger
    axis_13_pos = right_trigger

    I could make the triggers work normally by changing this to:
    button_8 = left_trigger
    button_9 = right_trigger

    …could be a patch for the next dev version 😉

    • Hi, can you run the latest version of FS-UAE Launcher? If so, please run the joystick configuration tool (Settings -> Joysticks), map all buttons, and save. This should store *two* files in (Documents)/FS-UAE/Controllers (best to empty this dir beforehand if there are any files there). If you send those two files to, I’ll look and see if they should be included with FS-UAE 🙂

  5. Hello, I have a problem with a joystick.

    To use the adapter of the Gamecube controller for Wii U I’m using a software called VJOY. This is a very common solution for when you want to create an input to something that is not exactly common.

    Windows recognizes the vjoy and shows me the keys pressed in the configuration. All other emulators see it properly. FS-UAE sees only if a create a file vjoy_device.ini with [amiga] [menu] [amigacd32], but it works only for [menu].

    I’m trying it in both the running cd32 emulator and on the configurator tool og fs-launcher but does not see the key pressed. Menu of fs-uae once started does work. it’s the only that recive the buttons pressions.

    Log doen’t contains error, it see the pad. You have idea of what it is?

    VJOY site:

    • Hi, can you send me both vjoy_device.ini and fs-uae.log.txt?

      Also, are you using the stable version. If so, can you also try with the latest development version?

      • Yes the stable version.
        The problem is when you have more controller with the same name.
        If I leave 4 V JOY as the game cube controller software create i can’t use the current pad on port 1, if i remove the other 3 virtual V JOY device the first one work correctly.

  6. Hi Frode, I am using a PS4 controller, through the DS4Windows software. Everything works fine. But the touchpad works like a mouse, and touching it mid-game causes the input to change to mouse automatically. I have entered automatic_input_grab = 0 in the configuration file but no luck. The relevant part of my configuration file looks like this:

    joystick_port_0 = xinput controller
    joystick_port_0_mode = joystick
    joystick_port_1 = xinput controller #2
    joystick_port_1_mode = joystick

    automatic_input_grab = 0

    • Hi, I understand your problem. I have added a new feature (will come in 2.5.27dev) where you can use joystick_port_0_autoswitch = 0 to disable this behaviour (automatic_input_grab is something else)!

  7. Hey Frode. Are USB Analogue/Flight controllers supported in FS-UAE? Would love to play some flight sims with one. Thanks.

  8. hi. i am not a tech guy so here goes my qn. i am trying to play middle earth-shadow of mordor but have a dualshock light wave usb controller. i downloaded the xbox360 emulator but my pad still doesn’t work on the game. an ideas.? plus, i only see logitech controllers listed in the emulators database along with other names like PC TWIN SHOCK etc.

    • Hi. All joysticks and gamepads should have basic support out of the box, unless they have unusual button mappings. But anyway, you should use FS-UAE Launcher -> Settings – Joystick. There, you can double-click on the joystick and let FS-UAE know about the layout of your gamepad. Afterwards, it should work fine in FS-UAE.

        • There is a Settings menu entry if you click on the FS-UAE icon in the top left corner of FS-UAE Launcher. You should find joystick preferences there.

  9. Hello FS,
    I use the 2.4.1 version of this fantastic emulator on Windows 7 64 bit. It works fine, but I have a little issue I don’t understand.
    I have a SpeedLink Competition Pro joystick, and I used the joystick configuration tool to map the commands. My problem is that in this case it works fine with “FS-UAE Launcher”, but not with “FS-UAE Arcade”. More precisely, the mapping seems being recognised for the home menu, but not in-game. This problem does not appear at all with “FS-UAE Launcher”.
    It’s maybe important: I use the portable version of FS-UAE.

    Can you help me, please ?

    Thanks in advance !

  10. Hi,

    I read about the auto-fire toggle feature with the left trigger in FS-UAE 2.2 release notes. I currently run FS-UAE 2.4.1, on Kubuntu Linux, and it doesn’t work. I’m using a Logitech Dual Action gamepad.

    Btw, it wasn’t automagically recognized, and I had to configure it. FS-UAE launcher created a file named logitech_logitech_dual_action_12_4_1_0_linux.conf, which is very similar to /usr/share/fs-uae/input/logitech_dual_action_12_4_1_0_macosx.conf bundled with fs-uae. I triple-checked that the following line was present in the file:
    button_6 = left_trigger

    Any idea on how to have this feature working? Is the autofire-toggle feature still present in FS-UAE 2.4.1? Any chance to see a per-button autofire configuration in a future release (à la WinUAE)?

    My thumb thanks you in advance 😉


    • I found the answer!

      I added the following lines in the file:

      name = Logitech Dual Action
      type = joystick/gamepad

      and I replaced “include = universal_gamepad” by “include = common/gamepad”.

      Now it works.

      And here is the complete file, if you want to include it in the package:

      $ cat logitech_logitech_dual_action_12_4_1_0_linux.conf
      # Logitech Dual Action

      name = Logitech Dual Action
      type = joystick/gamepad

      include = common/gamepad
      axis_0_neg = lstick_left
      axis_0_pos = lstick_right
      axis_1_neg = lstick_up
      axis_1_pos = lstick_down
      axis_2_neg = rstick_left
      axis_2_pos = rstick_right
      axis_3_neg = rstick_up
      axis_3_pos = rstick_down
      button_0 = west_button
      button_1 = south_button
      button_2 = east_button
      button_3 = north_button
      button_4 = left_shoulder
      button_5 = right_shoulder
      button_6 = left_trigger
      button_7 = right_trigger
      button_8 = select_button
      button_9 = start_button
      button_10 = lstick_button
      button_11 = rstick_button
      hat_0_down = dpad_down
      hat_0_left = dpad_left
      hat_0_right = dpad_right
      hat_0_up = dpad_up

      • Thank you for your investigation and feedback 🙂 – You are right, there were an issue with there being two almost (but note quite) identical gamepad configurations (universal_gamepad and common/gamepad). This is now fixed in the development versions!

        • First I want to thank you for a very nice app.

          I was struggling a bit regarding getting my two controllers (Playstation 3 Dualshock) over bluetooth (qtsixa) to work with fs-uae the first time. It’s stated in your doc. that these controllers are supported out-of-the box, but I had to create custom mapping for both to be able to use them. Furthermore, by upgrading to latest dev. version (2.7.4) I could not get any of the controllers to work.

          Currently working setup: fs-uae + launcher v2.2.3 stable. Controller names showing up as: PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller (id).

          • Hi, I’m sure we’ll get the controllers working. Btw, the mentioned out-of-the-box-experience works at least for wired mode (via USB), but probably not for Bluetooth as you discovered.

            In what way do the controllers not work with 2.7.4dev? Do they not appear at all? Can you configure them with the configuration tool in FS-UAE Launcher? Please provide some more information about this, and if you could also send fs-uae.log.txt to I’ll take a closer look!

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