Joysticks and Gamepad Controllers

This information is outdated. Several more controllers are supported out of the box. Also, FS-UAE Launcher comes with an easy-to-use GUI for map the buttons of any gamepad or joystick.

The following information applies to FS-UAE 2.3.4 and newer!

Logitech Cordless Precision Gamepad

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “PS3/USB Cordless Gamepad” (ps3_usb_cordless_gamepad_13_4_1_0_linux).

Logitech Gamepad F310

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box in Xinput mode, set switch on backside to “X”. Identified as “Generic X-Box pad” (generic_x_box_pad_11_6_1_0_linux).

Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box in Xinput mode, set switch on backside to “X”. Identified as “Generic X-Box pad” (generic_x_box_pad_11_6_1_0_linux).

Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box in both modes (DirectInput and Xinput). Identified as “Logitech Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2” (logitech_logitech_cordless_rumblepad_2_12_4_1_0_linux) or as “Generic X-Box pad” (generic_x_box_pad_11_6_1_0_linux). Xinput mode is recommended, as the menu button will then work too.

Microsoft XBox 360 Controller (Wired)

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “Microsoft X-Box 360 pad” (microsoft_x_box_360_pad_11_6_1_0_linux).

Microsoft XBox 360 Controller (Wireless)

Requires a XBox 360 wireless controller receiver plugged into an USB port.

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver” (xbox_360_wireless_receiver_15_6_0_0_linux).

Saitek P380

Controller lacks menu button (Use select + start combo instead).

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “Jess Tech Dual Analog Pad” (jess_tech_dual_analog_pad_12_4_1_0_linux).

Saitek P880

This controller lacks left and right trigger buttons (have only left and right shoulder buttons). Does not matter for FS-UAE but some predefined shortcuts may not work out of the box. Button 5 and 6 are mapped to select and start respectively, and the “shift” button is mapped as menu button.

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “SAITEK P880” (saitek_p880_12_4_1_0_linux).

Sony PlayStation 3 Controller – Connected to USB

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “Sony PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller” (sony_playstation_r_3_controller_19_27_0_0_linux).

Thrustmaster 2 in 1 DT

Controller lacks menu button (Use select + start combo instead). L2 and R2 are left and right triggers.

  • Ubuntu 13.04: Works out of the box. Identified as “THRUSTMASTER 2 in 1 DT” (thrustmaster_2_in_1_dt_12_4_1_0_linux).


Controllers supported out of the box with FS-UAE (but please check the entries for platform-specific notes).

  • Logitech PS3/USB Cordless Gamepad
  • Logitech Dual Action
  • Logitech Extreme 3D PRO
  • Logitech Rumblepad 2
  • Logitech Gamepad F310
  • Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510
  • Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710
  • Playstation 3 Controller
  • Saitek P380
  • Saitek P880
  • SmartJoyPlus / TigerGame PS/PS2 Game Controller Adapter
  • Speed-Link Competition Pro
  • Thrustmaster 2-in-1 DT
  • Xbox 360 Wired Controller
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

If your controller is not on this list, you can create a custom controller configuration for your gamepad/joystick!

Configurations not bundled with FS-UAE

The following joysticks and gamepad are not supported out of the box, because they represent themselves with a too generic name to autoconfigure correctly. But if you have one of these, you can download the configuration from here instead of creating your own.

65 thoughts on “Joysticks and Gamepad Controllers

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been trying to use my PS3 controller with FS-UAE on my MacBook Pro. The controller kind of works ok, but alternately intermittently the ‘X’ button causes the screen flash off for a second and doesn’t have any action, which makes play very difficult! Is there a solution?


    • Flashing screen sounds weird… -does this happen for a specific game, or all games? If it is only one games, perhaps the Amiga hardware configuration you are using is not 100% compatible with the game?

      • Its seems to be any version on Sensible Soccer or SWOS. Its only very briefly it ‘blinks’ black, but makes a the game unplayable. I’ve just tried another game and that was fine. Configuration seems to run fine in every other way.

        …No worries if there’s no solution, I’ve just had quick try, and the triangle button has the same function as the X with no problem, so I’ll use that!

        • What Amiga model / accuracy setting are you using? Are you using other non-default settings? Please try running the game with A500 or A600 with default settings. Does that help?

  2. Hi,

    greatest emulator ever. If I get my competition pro running I’ll be playing for ages…;)
    Well, here we are:

    I cannot seem to get my competition pro running on FS-UAE for MAC.Currently I am trying it out on my Macbook pro.
    I also have USB-Overdrive running on my MACBook to make sure the joystick is recognized.
    I tried any combination in the FS-UAE setting. However, I cannot get the joysticks running. It’s always only mouse or keyboard.
    Could you give me a step-by-step manual to activate my joystick competition pro in FS-UAE, please ?

    • Hi Chris, the joystick should work out of the box (provided that OS X recognizes it as a joystick). Just make sure to plug in the joystick before starting FS-UAE Launcher. I’m not sure what “USB-Overdrive” does, but one possibility is that this application reconfigures the device somehow so it is no longer recognized as a joystick device (?). Try disabling “USB-Overdrive” and see if it works then. If not, you can also send Documents/Cache/Logs/fs-uae.log.txt to and I can see if the device is discovered (just make sure to start *and quit* FS-UAE while the joystick is connected before attaching the log).

      • Thanks a lot. I thought of deactivating USB overdrive before. However, that was not enough. So, I uninstalled it completely now…and Voila!…It works now.
        So do not use USB Overdrive for the Speedlink Competition Pro Joystick. It, in deed, runs alone on MAC.

      • I’m having a hard time trying to configure the Speedlink Competition Pro to work… I click on the configuration tool in the settings, and I get an image of a twin stick game pad? Not sure what is what here… (out of the box, only the left firebutton does anything)

        • Yes, it is supposed to work out of the box. However, if you have used the configuration tool for this joystick, you need to make sure you have a valid configuration. Just map the stick to the “dpad” entries, the left fire button to “south” and the right fire button to “west”.

        • Also make sure your Amiga configuration is correct. If you for example have chosen “mouse mode” for the joystick port, you will also notice that only the buttons work, but not the directions.

  3. “FS-UAE Launcher comes with an easy-to-use GUI for map the buttons of any gamepad or joystick.”
    Where is it ? I use a xbox 360 controller on my mac but I don’t like how the buttons are mapped (fire is on the directionnal pad (up and right), i’d prefer A or B).

  4. Hi,

    It all worked like a charm, with a playstation 3 controller via usb. I later also added a simular controller from the brand konig, however, it didn’t seem to recognize all the buttons. So I added another playstation 3 controller, but then it didn’t work at all. So, after switching usb ports, the other one wich worked fine, also stopped working and in the dropdown menu of “joysticks” there are now 3 playstation 3 listed. I checked settings for joystick and there they are listed as well and want to remove them, but no idea how to do that. I don’t want the programm (launcher) to recongize it. Any idea how I can do that?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi, it would be useful if you can provide me with simple step by step instructions from start to end, with a description on observed behaviour vs expected behaviour (it isn’t clear to my from your post what exactly is the problem). Thanks 🙂

  5. Is it possible to use the Wii-mote ?
    I can connect the Wii-mote fine via Bluetooth under Linux, but is is possible to use it as a joystick under FS-UAE?

    Or will I have to connect it as an HID device and map the buttons to keys then set up the key mappings in FS-UAE?

    • Hi, last time I checked, when I connected a Wiimote to my Linux box it registered as some kind of hybrid device. There was a joystick device (which some buttons where mapped too), but the dpad sent cursor key events, and “A” sent a mouse click I think.

      In order to make it work well (easily) with FS-UAE, the device should ideally just present itself as a single joystick HID device, and then you would use the Launcher joystick config tool (preferences) to map the buttons.

  6. Fantastic emulator!
    My cd32 died yesterday :/ so i started searching the web for a good emulator (not having any luck in my previous tries earlier…

    I almost wept a tear when i noticed the save state-function and the home-button menu. (now I can actually finish some games)

    One thing though, (i didn’ find anything on it) but is it possible to connect my cd32-controller via some usb-adapter to my mac? (you know, to get the full retro-feeling 😉 )
    If so, are configurations already in place? And which adapter would you recommend?


    • Hi, glad you got a good first-impression 🙂 You should indeed be able to use your real CD32 controllers. If you google for it, you’ll find several adapters. I haven’t tried any of those, but what you need is an adapter which:
      * Supports all CD32 buttons
      * Presents itself as a “standard USB joystick” device to the operating system. I.e. no drivers are needed, and will appear in FS-UAE and FS-UAE Launcher automatically.
      You can use the joystick configuration tool which is part of FS-UAE Launcher to correctly map the buttons even if FS-UAE does not have built-in support for a specific adapter – as long as the adapter is implemented as a normal USB gamepad/joystick.

      Here is an example of an adapter which looks like it would work great: 🙂

      • Thanks for the tips!

        But i guess i would miss the “home” button like the ps-button on a playstation controller in order to pull up the side menu, so I have to think on this 😉

  7. Hi !! great Emulator, but is possible to control the mouse by joypad ???

    I’ve the xbox360 wireless controller, is possible to configure the right analog stick to control de mouse ???
    thanks !!

    • Hi, this is not supported yet, but it is something I would like to see as well -so it may be supported later 🙂

  8. Hello, I’m really happy to see such well made project. Hmm, I have a question. The problem is that i want to play Settlers with my friend,and so we have to, you know, configure somehow those two mice.
    So is there any way to do that, or something which will allow us to play it?

    • Yes and no! FS-UAE does not currently support multiple mice on the same computer (this may be supported in the future though). Another feature that is up-coming is using the analog stick an a gamepad to control a mouse.

      But you can play it with FS-UAE today, but you then need to have two computers and use the net play feature. You can play over LAN, the traffic does not have to go over the Internet.
      More information here:

      • Hmm,well it was my mistake that I didn’t tell you more details about my problem.
        Well we’re playing on separate computers,by using your net-play feature.
        You know,everything runs as planned,configuration is the same,ADFs and other stuff is identical.
        We can’t just get these multiple mice to work.
        Whenever i try to select mouse in two ports,the other mouse is changed to something else(and my friends configuration changed to mine automaticaly).Different configurations don’t work here either.
        Hmm,of course I’m not saying this software is wrong or something,I guess it’s just that I’m configuring something wrong.

        • Only the mouse port type is synchronized. You don’t (currently) see what the other player have inserted into the port. I know this is a weakness in the current design because you need to chat and agree on what you will insert in the ports (so you don’t use the same port). The plan is to extend the user interface later, so each player can also see the device the other players have chosen. But it should work just fine…:

          Player one should have:
          Mouse – Mouse (or Default (Mouse))
          Mouse – No Host Device

          And player two should have:
          Mouse – No Host Device
          Mouse – Mouse (or Default (Mouse))

  9. Hi Frode

    Thanks for a superb program. I am using it for mac, but have problems using my joysticks. They are USB-controllers looking like standard Commodore joysticks and are called Competition Pro. I have tried the custom controller configuration, but it does not seem to save settings.

    If possible, please send me an e-mail in Norwegian if it is easier to explain how to do it there.


    • We sorted out this via e-mail! Also, with the latest development version 2.1.4, joysticks/gamepads are automatically configured as a one-button Amiga joystick if the joystick/gamepad is not recognized.

  10. Hello,

    it is a very nice emulator but i have a problem when i will play a two Player game with two Joysticks. When i will used 2 speedlink competition pro us Joysicks in one 2 Player game like Chaos Engine, Speedball… only one of them works. Both Joystick i can used seperated but not together. I used the Mac Version FS UAE Version.

    I hope someone has workable solution for me.


    • If you specify input options via the config file, one joystick will be called “Speed-Link Competition Pro” and the other must be specified as “Speed-Link Competition Pro #2” (your joystick names may differ -but the point was … #2). Also, you should be able to configure the input devices from the “F12 Menu” while running FS-UAE.

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