Compiling FS-UAE

This page will help you compile, install and run FS-UAE, FS-UAE Arcade and FS-UAE Launcher. Please note that unless you have experience compiling software, I strongly recommend you download pre-built versions instead.

The instructions given on this page are general instructions for building FS-UAE. Also see Compiling on Windows for more specific information.

Compiling FS-UAE

The following software is needed to compile FS-UAE from the source code archive:

  • A bourne-compatible shell
  • GNU or BSD make
  • GCC compiler suite with C/C++ support (mingw on Windows) or clang/clang++.
  • pkg-config
  • git – if you want to checkout the development repository), or
  • tar, gzip – to untar the source tarballs
  • gettext
  • zip – needed to compile fs-uae.dat at the end of the compilation process

You need the following libraries (with headers / development files):

  • SDL 2.0
  • libpng
  • zlib
  • glib
  • libintl (from gettext)
  • OpenAL or OpenAL Soft – the latter is recommended for most systems.
  • OpenGL
  • freetype – strictly speaking, this library isn’t yet used, so it is possible to remove it from
  • GLEW

If you have checkout out the git repository, you first need to run the bootstrap script (this additionally requires autoconf, automake, libtool) – skip this step if you have extracted a source tarball:


Then you need to configure the source:


To compile the program simply run make:


The resulting program is placed in the root directory of the project, and you can run it directly without installing by running:


Running fs-uae locally like this works fine – but you need to have the source root directory as the current working directory when running it like this without installation.

Installing FS-UAE

To install fs-uae, you can run make install

make install

Compiling FS-UAE Launcher

FS-UAE Launcher is written in pure Python, but depends on several Python extensions in addition to Python itself:

  • Python 3.3 or newer.
  • PyQt5.
  • setuptools – for resource loading.
  • python-lhafile – for .lha file support (optional).

I recommend extracting the source code in a directory parallel to the fs-uae source directory, i.e: src/fs-uae and src/fs-uae-launcher.

You can run FS-UAE Launcher from the source directory without installing it:


Installing FS-UAE Launcher

python install
make install

Additional Instructions for Windows

See Compiling FS-UAE on Windows

35 thoughts on “Compiling FS-UAE

  1. Hi… Im trying to compile fs-uae 2.6.2 under Linux
    I’m getting a narrowing error:

    src/expansion.cpp:2537:1: error: narrowing conversion of ‘2148532239u’ from ‘unsigned int’ to ‘int’ inside { } [-Wnarrowing]

    make throws error 2
    my gcc version is 6.1.1
    please fix it

    • Hi, you should be able to compile the latest FS-UAE 2.7.14dev version with GCC 6.x. I’m not planning on doing anything with 2.6.x, since a new stable 2.8.x based on the development branch is imminent.

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