Any Demand for a FreeBSD Version?

FS-UAE is currently only available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. However, it should be relatively easy to get it to compile and run on FreeBSD as well.

If you are a FreeBSD user and want to use and test FS-UAE, please leave a comment! I won’t bother to implement support for FreeBSD unless there is some demand for it.

FS-UAE 1.2.1 and 1.3.x

A bugfix release (1.2.1) has been made for the stable series, fixing a crash occuring on some platforms (Mac OS X at least) when saving states with mounted directories.

Meanwhile, development continues on the development branch (1.3.x), see this thread for more information.

Highlights in the development versions are support for OpenGL shaders for fancy effects, translatability and translations (currently German, French, Italian, Polish and Serbian) and experimental JIT support for some platforms.

In other news, information about FS-UAE was added to the UAE Wikipedia entry – it wasn’t me 🙂

FS-UAE 1.2.0 Released

I am pleased to announce version 1.2.0 of FS-UAE, the multi-platform Amiga emulator for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X! FS-UAE 1.2 can be downloaded here.

Notable changes since version 1.0 include:

  • Great rendering performance improvements, especially on slower hardware.
  • OpenGL renderer compatible with older GPUs (only requires OpenGL 1.1 now).
  • Input devices and options can be changed in the menu while running FS-UAE.
  • UAEGFX card (“Picasso 96”) is implemented.
  • Added A4000/040 model, running in fastest possible mode.
  • Support for mounting CD images for all Amiga models (built-in CDFS and CD image switcher in menu).
  • Fullscreen/window mode switching with Alt+Enter, better fullscreen handling.
  • Better net play support (show dialog while connecting, will retry connecting until successful, continue in offline mode if connection to server is broken).
  • A1200 model can be used in net play mode with accuracy < 1.
  • UAE core code updated from WinUAE 2.4.0.
  • Advanced options for tweaking vsync method.
  • Common host options can be specified once in Host.fs-uae config file.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Please see the release notes for more information about this release and a detailed list of changes. Also, many thanks to everyone who has been testing the development versions and reported bugs and issues!

Progress Report on FS-UAE

High-color and high-resolution Workbench screen with Picasso 96 driver installed

Since version 1.0 was released, there has been a couple of bug fix releases and the latest stable version is now 1.0.2. I have been adding more documentation and recently also wrote a getting started guide.

The new development versions (“betas”) have introduced support for Picasso96 and have many other improvements, including performance improvements.

Also, the most recent development versions are compatible with older OpenGL drivers/cards, so if you have problems displaying the menu on your computer, you should try the latest development version!

FS-UAE 1.0.0 Released

Version 1.0.0, the new stable release of FS-UAE is just published. Changes in this version include:

  • Performance improvements.
  • Ability to change controllers during game play from the GUI.
  • Improved net play support with integrated text chat.
  • Improved handling of relative paths in configuration files.
  • New configuration options

The changelog contains more details about the changes and you can download the new version here.

FS-UAE 0.9.12 Released

Changes in version 0.9.12:

  • Configuration option to mount hard drive image/folder read only.
  • Fixed bug where emulation after pause ran too fast in non-full-sync-modes.
  • Added wisegroup_ltd/mp_8866_dual_usb_joypad.ini (courtesy of Foul).
  • Fixed a bug where large positive mouse movement became negative.
  • Event information is written to Synchronization.log during net play (this file can be quite large) -cannot be disabled yet.
  • Include slow memory in memory checksumming (chip + slow, now).
  • Replaced a busy-loop in net play with proper condition signal/wait, using significantly less CPU now.
  • Fixed a race condition in the net play server where input events could be sent to some clients out of order (with regard to frames). This would have caused desync when it occurred.
  • Fixed a bug in the net play server where input events could be sent to some clients before all clients were connected.
  • Detect refresh rate properly on Mac OS X.
  • Floppy swapping is performed synchronized in net play mode.
  • GUI Reset action can be used with net play.
  • Save state saving and restoring is now synchronized in net play mode.
  • Parallel port joystick emulation (joystick_port_2, joystick_port_3).
  • Reduced input lag in net play games.
  • Custom gamepad/joystick -> action mapping.
  • Custom keyboard -> action mapping.
  • Support mounting zip files as (read-only) volumes.
  • Read command line arguments earlier (fixes a Configurations dir issue).
  • Renamed “amiga_joystick” config value to “dummy joystick” (more descriptive).
  • Renamed “amiga_mouse” config value to “dummy mouse” (more descriptive).
  • Floppy speed setting was already implemented, but not documented.
  • Finally implemented the volume mute function for OpenAL.
  • Fix execute permissions for directories created on virtual file system.
  • Added support for Xbox 360 cabled controller.
  • Support new path prefixes: $app/ (directory containing executable (Windows) or .app bundle (Mac OS X), $exe/ (directory containing actual executable), and $fsuae/ (the base directory for files – defaults to My Documents/FS-UAE).

FS-UAE 0.9.10 Released

Changes in version 0.9.10:

  • Scanline effect support (see example.conf).
  • New frame limiting logic in libfsemu.
  • Auto-grab input on mouse click.
  • Click middle-mouse button to release input grab.
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller configuration for Mac OS X (from Aequitas).
  • Updated configuration for Logitech Extreme 3D PRO.
  • Fix crash in Linux version caused by g_set_prgname not being called.
  • Log file is now saved to (My) Documents/FS-UAE/Logs/FS-UAE.log
  • Log file directory is configurable.
  • Multiple mice can be used (in net play) -useful for Lemmings.
  • New joystick port values: amiga_mouse, amiga_joystick and nothing.
  • Send protocol version and emulation core version to netplay server.
  • Fixed a bug where data were written to both floppy overlay files and original ADF files.
  • Fix A1200 model with accuracy < 1 (now runs in “fastest possible” mode, but cannot be used with full video sync).
  • Option bsdsocket_library to enable bsdsocket.library emulation (Mac/Linux only for now).
  • A1200/020 model with 0 MB Z3 RAM as default, but allows the option zorro_iii_memory to be used.
  • Serial port (dummy) emulation enabled, allows AROS kickstart to boot.
  • Fix bug related to path expansion and directories.
  • Unified configuration (config file and –key=value parameters). –key=value parameters overrides values from config file.
  • Section names are ignored in config file now (but key/values must still be in a section, for instance [config]). Old config files should still work as before.
  • Old –fullscreen parameter is no longer valid, use –fullscreen=1 instead
  • Support hard disk files in RDB format (same config option as regular HDF files – RDB format is automatically recognized).
  • Grabbing input on startup is optional (see example.conf).
  • Keys are now “positionally” mapped (as much as possible) from host keyboard to amiga keys (some exceptions because of physically different layout: home = lparen, page up = rparen, delete = del, end = help, insert is mapped to the amiga key to the left of backspace, and page down to right amiga key in case the host keyboard has no right windows/apple/menu key).
  • Use only scancodes on Linux, (and almost entirely on Mac too).
  • Use rawinput in Windows for keyboard support.
  • Make caps lock a proper toggle button.
  • Added an application icon.
  • renamed to, fs-uae.exe is now FS-UAE.exe.
  • New config icon for Mac OS X.
  • Associate .fs-uae files with FS-UAE on Mac OS X.
  • Can override controller configurations by placing configs files in new
  • FS-UAE/Controllers directory (+ option to configure this directory).
  • New configuration option: audio/floppy_drive_volume
  • New configuration option: paths/base_dir
  • Ported updated caps code from WinUAE.
  • NTSC mode added (see example.conf) -was really added in 0.9.8, but omitted from changelog.