Builds for macOS ARM64 / M1 / Apple silicon have arrived

The following links point to the latest stable version compiled for macOS_ARM64. These are 3.1.x versions based on slightly newer code than the 3.0.5 version.


Compared to previous downloads, FS-UAE no longer contains an embedded Therefore, you need to download both of the .dmg files above and place FS-UAE and beside eachother, for example in the /Applications folder. I haven’t had time to fix builds of FS-UAE Arcade yet.

There are also macOS_ARM64 builds available for the 4.x development snapshots. If interested, please see this forum thread for links and more information.

3 thoughts on “Builds for macOS ARM64 / M1 / Apple silicon have arrived

  1. hello, thanks for M1 build. Have you a QEMU plugin for M1 version. ( of qemu arm64 seems to be not loaded with fs-uae stable macos arm64 snapshot.



    • Hi, the problem was that the FS-UAE didn’t understand the “ARM64” arch name when loading the plugin, I’ve updated the links to point to a newer FS-UAE 3.1.21 version with a fix for that. It should be able to find QEMU-UAE

    • I’m not entirely sure if the plugin works correctly on ARM64 even though it loads now, please let me know if it works for your or not!

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