FS-UAE: Documentation

Documentation topics are available from the documentation menu to the right. Some common issues and questions are answered here in FAQ and Troubleshooting.

If you have just installed FS-UAE, you might want to take a look at the getting started-guide first! As the getting started-guide mentions, you should ideally have Kickstart ROMs for the Amigas you want to emulate.

While you are running the emulator, you can open the FS-UAE menu or use keyboard shortcuts to control the emulator.

Configuration Files

If you use FS-UAE Launcher, you don’t have worry about configuration files, but when you use FS-UAE directly, you need to specify options either as program arguments or via configuration files.

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  1. I’ve (permanently?) lost an entry, War In Middle Earth, from my Games list (synced from the online database) in FS-UAE on Windows 10, not sure how it happened or how to get it back, even after uninstalling & reinstalling the program. Repro, as best as I can recall:

    1) Downloaded FS-UAE with files for the game on local HDD, wasn’t familiar with how to start so I created a Config named WarInMiddleEarth.

    2) Found out how to register and sync to the online game database, at which point my WarInMiddleEarth Config showed up alongside the War In Middle Earth game entry from the database. Managed to get the game running at least once using the default ADF variant.

    3) Became interested in how to get the game running through WHDLoad v1.0. Found that I didn’t have the correct kickstarter for Amiga 1200, located and installed the correct file.

    4) Around this time, the War In Middle Earth entry disappeared from my Games list. When viewing Configs and Games, I was able to see my WarInMiddleEarth config, but no War In Middle Earth game next to it. All the rest of the games (several dozen) appear to be listed correctly.

    5) After re-syncing to the database and attempting other fixes, I saw no alternative but to uninstall the program, delete the Documents\FS-UAE folder, then reinstall. I logged into the database on the fresh install, at which point it downloaded the game database. War In Middle Earth is still nowhere to be found.

    I’m unsure of what else to try – I’ve verified that War In Middle Earth is still present in the database by looking it up online; it hasn’t been removed in the last 24 hours or anything like that. Feels like I might need to edit or delete some registry entry or hidden file to force FS-UAE to properly download and display the complete games list. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi, one variant for this entry (ADF, cr ESI, h Invisible Crime) was removed earlier this year because it was discovered that one of the disks was corrupt, maybe you only had the disks for that specific variant? Another possibility is that you have run FS-UAE or another Amiga emulator with writable ADF disks, and saved a game or something, so the disks are no longer recognized (the database will only recognize unmodified disks, and FS-UAE will by default not modify the original .adf files).

      If possible, I’d try to get hold of fresh .adf files for the game (or, if you know how, verify the checksums for the disks).

      (You can also go into Settings -> Game Database and choose to show all games, just to verify that the local database contains the game. You will not be able to start it with files missing though)

  2. Hi,
    Out of the blue FS-UAE has stopped working for me, citing this:

    Amiga Launch Task failed with FileNotFoundError:
    “[Errno 2] No usable temporary directory found in [‘/tmp’, ‘/var/tmp’, ‘/usr/tmp’, ‘/home/luke’]”

    I’d only been using it for a few days and I haven’t installed any other programs since installing it. If it means anything, I started having problems with saved states shortly before this happened.

    Since I’m not terribly computer savy I went to do an old uninstall-reinstall but clicking uninstall does absolutely nothing for some reason.

    It’d be great if you could help…you got me hooked!! 🙂


  3. FS-UAE 2.6.2 on Ubuntu 14.10LTS 64Bit will not load anything get Amiga crash screen reporting not enough memory, 4GB installed, less than 800mb in use, plenty of space in /usr dir. Please help.

  4. just managed to get an Xbox 360 controller working with a witeless adaptor…only £5 on Amazon. but can’t see Ho to enable two Xbox 360 controllers

    • Microsoft’s XBox 360 wireless adapters allows up to 4 XBox 360 controllers to be connected. All of them should be seen by FS-UAE Launcher.

  5. Many thanks for all the work. Only, could you please, please, please enable left handed mouse use (switching of left and right mouse button)? So many people would be so grateful. Not having this is such a deal breaker for me and many other folks, as it makes many games quite unplayable and many another software unusable. To know why this is such a big deal, just try to use a pair of “normal” scissors effectively with your left hand. In my case, I get inflamed tendons from a single session with a “normal” right handed mouse configuration (or from sticking with mismatched scissors). Just can’t do.

    In the meantime, is there a way I could map the left click to a key on the keyboard? I’d appreciate


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