Summary: "Accelerator Board"
Type: Choice
Default: 0
Example: cyberstorm-ppc
Since: 2.5.15

Value: 0 ("None")
Value: blizzard-1230-iv (Blizzard 1230 IV)
Value: blizzard-1240 (Blizzard 1240)
Value: blizzard-1260 (Blizzard 1260)
Value: blizzard-ppc (Blizzard PPC)
Value: cyberstorm-ppc (CyberStorm PPC)

Some boards have flashable ROM. Either the .rom file must exist in the
Kickstarts directory with a recognized name, or you must use the
[accelerator_rom] option.

Recognized ROM names:

* CyberStorm MK III: cyberstormmk3.rom
* CyberStorm PPC: cyberstormppc.rom
* Blizzard PPC: blizzardppc.rom

FIXME: more?


// Value: ppc ("Auto Blizzard/CyberStorm PPC")
// Value: Blizzard1230IV (Blizzard 1230 IV)
// Value: Blizzard1230IV+SCSI (Blizzard 1230 IV + SCSI)
// Value: Blizzard1260 (Blizzard 1260)
// Value: Blizzard1260+SCSI (Blizzard 1260 + SCSI)
// Value: Blizzard2060 (Blizzard 2060)
// Value: CyberStormMK1 (CyberStorm MK I)
// Value: CyberStormMK2 (CyberStorm MK II)
// Value: CyberStormMK3 (CyberStorm MK III)
// Value: BlizzardPPC (Blizzard PPC)
// Value: WarpEngineA4000 (Warp Engine)
// Value: TekMagic (Tek Magic)
// Value: dkb-1230 (DKB 1230)
// Value: dkb-1240 (DKB 1240)
// Value: fusion-forty (Fusion Forty)
// Value: a3001-si (GVP A3001 Series I)
// Value: a3001-sii (GVP A3001 Series II)