Keyboard shorcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available by default. Mod means Cmd on OS X and Alt on other platforms, but it can be re-configured as another key. See the "modifier key" section for more information.

Note: The shortcuts are mapped against keys on a English keyboard, so on international keyboards, the key (symbol) you have to press may in some cases be different (but same physical key).

Input control:

Emulation control:

Volume control:

Disk swapper:

RTG graphics control (shortcuts are subject to change)


Note: It is possible to customize the keyboard shortcuts. See input mapping.

Modifier Key

The modifier key is the key used to trigger special keyboard shortcuts. The default modifier key is Cmd on OS X and Alt on all other operating systems. From now on, we will refer to the modifier key as Mod.

Note: You can specify another key with the modifier_key option.

Since Mod is used to trigger special actions, this key is not directly usable for Amiga emulation. This means that -- unless you have overridden the modifier key -- you will not be able to use this key alone to trigger the Amiga "Left Alt" key. The solution to this is to enable full keyboard emulation when you need it by pressing Mod+K.

Note: On OS X you'll have problems with the "Left Amiga" key instead.

Alternative modifier keys

The F12 and F11 are always available as modifier keys. This is useful when full keyboard emulation is enabled since the normal modifier keys is then disabled. The Amiga does not have either F11 or F12, so this does not interfere with the emulation.

Note: On many laptops the function keys can only be used while pressing Fn. If this is the case on your keyboard, you need to hold this key as well when you are asked to use a function key.

Function keys in OS X

On OS X, using a function key (if necessary in combination with Fn) may trigger a desktop function such as the "Dashboard" instead. So in order to be able to use for example F12 you may need to add another modifier key such as Cmd into the mix so OS X will not recognize the key combination. For example Cmd+F12 will not trigger the "Dashboard", but will still open the FS-UAE menu, since FS-UAE allows F12 to be used with any modifier.

Depending on your keyboard setup, you may even have to press Fn+Cmd+F12. This is getting a bit ridiculous, so what you can do instead is one or more of the following: