Keyboard mapping

Not all Amiga keys are present on modern computer keyboards, and vice versa. Most keys are mapped like you would expect (F1 on your keyboard activates F1 on the emulated Amiga keyboard, etc).

Here are some notable exceptions:

Emulator keyboard shortcuts are documented on a separate page.

Keys in FS-UAE are (generally) mapped based on physical location and not by symbol. Trying to map symbols would require hack-ish workarounds, since one Amiga key can have its symbols spread over two or more host keys, depending on keyboard layout.

To to understand how to use the emulated Amiga keyboard, it is useful to visualize that you have printed stickers for Amiga keys, and pasted them on top of your keyboard keys, in the corresponding physical location.

Please note the following important information:

If you have a non-English keyboard, you need to compare your keyboard to an English one to find out what a key in a given physical location is called. Likewise, you must use an English Amiga keyboard as reference to understand what a specific Amiga key is named.

Note: Since the Amiga keys are listed in row order, you can also use this order to figure out the correct name for non-English keys. For host keys, you can refer to the separate table in the "Host Key names" section.

Amiga keys

The Amiga keys are listed in row order, top row first. The listed action names in the table are for use with custom input mapping. The host key name is printed in bold letters when the physical location of the host key differs from the Amiga key.

Amiga Key Input Mapping Action Default Host Key(s)............
ESC action_key_esc ESCAPE
F1 action_key_f1 F1
F2 action_key_f2 F2
F3 action_key_f3 F3
F4 action_key_f4 F4
F5 action_key_f5 F5
F6 action_key_f6 F6
F7 action_key_f7 F7
F8 action_key_f8 F8
F9 action_key_f9 F9
F10 action_key_f10 F10
BACKQUOTE action_key_backquote BACKQUOTE
1 action_key_1 1
2 action_key_2 2
3 action_key_3 3
4 action_key_4 4
5 action_key_5 5
6 action_key_6 6
7 action_key_7 7
8 action_key_8 8
9 action_key_9 9
0 action_key_0 0
SUB action_key_sub MINUS
EQUALS action_key_equals EQUALS
BACKSLASH action_key_backslash BACKSLASH
BACKSPACE action_key_backspace BACKSPACE
DEL action_key_del DELETE
HELP action_key_help END
LPAREN action_key_lparen HOME
RPAREN action_key_rparen PAGEUP
NP_DIV action_key_div KP_DIVIDE
NP_MUL action_key_mul KP_MULTIPLY
TAB action_key_tab TAB
Q action_key_q Q
W action_key_w W
E action_key_e E
R action_key_r R
T action_key_t T
Y action_key_y Y
U action_key_u U
I action_key_i I
O action_key_o O
P action_key_p P
LEFTBRACKET action_key_leftbracket LEFTBRACKET
RIGHTBRACKET action_key_rightbracket RIGHTBRACKET
RETURN action_key_return RETURN
NP_7 action_key_np_7 KP7
NP_8 action_key_np_8 KP8
NP_9 action_key_np_9 KP9
NP_SUB action_key_sub KP_MINUS
CTRL action_key_ctrl LCTRL
CAPS_LOCK action_key_caps_lock CAPSLOCK
A action_key_a A
S action_key_s S
D action_key_d D
F action_key_f F
G action_key_g G
H action_key_h H
J action_key_j J
K action_key_k K
L action_key_l L
SEMICOLON action_key_semicolon SEMICOLON
SINGLEQUOTE action_key_singlequote QUOTE
2B action_key_2b INSERT
CURSOR_UP action_key_cursor_up UP
NP_4 action_key_np_4 KP4
NP_5 action_key_np_5 KP5
NP_6 action_key_np_6 KP6
NP_ADD action_key_add KP_PLUS
SHIFT_LEFT action_key_shift_left LSHFT
30 action_key_30 LESS
Z action_key_z Z
X action_key_x X
C action_key_c C
V action_key_v V
B action_key_b B
N action_key_n N
M action_key_m M
COMMA action_key_comma COMMA
PERIOD action_key_period PERIOD
DIV action_key_div SLASH
SHIFT_RIGHT action_key_shift_right RSHIFT
CURSOR_LEFT action_key_cursor_left LEFT
CURSOR_DOWN action_key_cursor_down DOWN
CURSOR_RIGHT action_key_cursor_right RIGHT
NP_1 action_key_np_1 KP1
NP_2 action_key_np_2 KP2
NP_3 action_key_np_3 KP3
NP_ENTER action_key_enter KP_ENTER
ALT_LEFT action_key_alt_left LALT
AMIGA_LEFT action_key_amiga_left LSUPER
SPACE action_key_space SPACE
AMIGA_RIGHT action_key_amiga_right RSUPER, PAGEDOWN, MENU
ALT_RIGHT action_key_alt_right RALT
NP_0 action_key_np_0 KP0
NP_PERIOD action_key_period KP_PERIOD

The keys named "2B and "30" in this list is for international Amiga keyboards which has these physical keys:

Note: It is often possible to change the keyboard layout in Workbench (or other programs) running in the emulated Amiga. This will not affect the names of the keys used in input mapping. In fact, FS-UAE will be unaware of such a setting, and it will work just like it would with a real Amiga and a real Amiga keyboard. I.e. if you change keyboard layout in Amiga emulation you can get a different symbol when you press a given key.

Host key names

Host Key Input Mapping Option Comment......................
- Function key row
ESCAPE keyboard_key_escape
F1 keyboard_key_f1
F2 keyboard_key_f2
F3 keyboard_key_f3
F4 keyboard_key_f4
F5 keyboard_key_f5
F6 keyboard_key_f6
F7 keyboard_key_f7
F8 keyboard_key_f8
F9 keyboard_key_f9
F10 keyboard_key_f10
F11 keyboard_key_f11
F12 keyboard_key_f12
PRINT keyboard_key_print Labelled F13 on Apple A1243
SCROLLOCK keyboard_key_scrollock Labelled F14 on Apple A1243
PAUSE keyboard_key_pause Labelled F15 on Apple A1243
F16 keyboard_key_f16 Apple A1243 keyboard
F17 keyboard_key_f17 Apple A1243 keyboard
F18 keyboard_key_f18 Apple A1243 keyboard
F19 keyboard_key_f19 Apple A1243 keyboard
- Number row
BACKQUOTE keyboard_key_backquote
1 keyboard_key_1
2 keyboard_key_2
3 keyboard_key_3
4 keyboard_key_4
5 keyboard_key_5
6 keyboard_key_6
7 keyboard_key_7
8 keyboard_key_8
9 keyboard_key_9
0 keyboard_key_0
MINUS keyboard_key_minus
EQUALS keyboard_key_equals
BACKSPACE keyboard_key_backspace
INSERT keyboard_key_insert
HOME keyboard_key_home
PAGEUP keyboard_key_pageup
NUMLOCK keyboard_key_numlock
KP_DIVIDE keyboard_key_kp_divide
KP_MULTIPLY keyboard_key_kp_multiply
KP_MINUS keyboard_key_kp_minus
- Top letter row
TAB keyboard_key_tab
Q keyboard_key_q
W keyboard_key_w
E keyboard_key_e
R keyboard_key_r
T keyboard_key_t
Y keyboard_key_y
U keyboard_key_u
I keyboard_key_i
O keyboard_key_o
P keyboard_key_p
LEFTBRACKET keyboard_key_rightbracket
RIGHTBRACKET keyboard_key_rightbracket
RETURN keyboard_key_return
DELETE keyboard_key_delete
END keyboard_key_end
PAGEDOWN keyboard_key_pagedown
KP7 keyboard_key_kp7
KP8 keyboard_key_kp8
KP9 keyboard_key_kp9
KP_PLUS keyboard_key_kp_plus
- Middle letter row
CAPSLOCK keyboard_key_capslock
A keyboard_key_a
S keyboard_key_s
D keyboard_key_d
F keyboard_key_f
G keyboard_key_g
H keyboard_key_h
J keyboard_key_j
K keyboard_key_k
L keyboard_key_l
SEMICOLON keyboard_key_semicolon
QUOTE keyboard_key_quote
BACKSLASH keyboard_key_backslash
KP4 keyboard_key_kp4
KP5 keyboard_key_kp5
KP6 keyboard_key_kp6
- Bottom letter row
LSHIFT keyboard_key_lshift
LESS keyboard_key_less
Z keyboard_key_z
X keyboard_key_x
C keyboard_key_c
V keyboard_key_v
B keyboard_key_b
N keyboard_key_n
M keyboard_key_m
COMMA keyboard_key_comma
PERIOD keyboard_key_period
SLASH keyboard_key_slash
RSHIFT keyboard_key_rshift
UP keyboard_key_up
KP1 keyboard_key_kp1
KP2 keyboard_key_kp2
KP3 keyboard_key_kp3
KP_ENTER keyboard_key_kp_enter
- Bottom row
LCTRL keyboard_key_kp_lctrl
LSUPER keyboard_key_kp_lsuper Left "Windows" key or "Cmd"
LALT keyboard_key_kp_lalt Different phys. pos. on Mac
SPACE keyboard_key_kp_space
RALT keyboard_key_kp_ralt Different phys. pos. on Mac
RSUPER keyboard_key_kp_rsuper Right "Windows" key or "Cmd"
MENU keyboard_key_kp_menu
RCTRL keyboard_key_kp_rctrl
LEFT keyboard_key_left
DOWN keyboard_key_down
RIGHT keyboard_key_right
KP0 keyboard_key_kp0
KP_PERIOD keyboard_key_kp_period
- Special keys
VOLUMEUP keyboard_key_volumeup
VOLUMEDOWN keyboard_key_volumedown
MUTE keyboard_key_mute
AUDIONEXT keyboard_key_audionext
AUDIOPREV keyboard_key_audioprev
AUDIOSTOP keyboard_key_audiostop
AUDIOPLAY keyboard_key_audioplay