Input mapping

All keyboard and joystick events can be mapped to any Amiga keyboard and joystick action, overriding default settings and (and the setup resulting from using the joystick_port_n options). A few examples of what you can do:

General configuration

To map an action, you add a line like this to your configuration file:

devicename_eventname = actionname

Here is a specific example, mapping the keyboard key q to the fire button on the primary Amiga joystick (joy_1 is the joystick in joystick port 1):

keyboard_key_q = action_joy_1_fire_button

Input actions

Examples of input actions are:

action_joy_1_fire_button          (fire button on joystick in port 1)
action_key_z                      (press amiga keyboard key Z)
action_drive_0_insert_floppy_0    (insert disk from floppy image list)

I have put the list of available actions on its own page due to the large number of actions.

Mapping joystick events

Here are the different types of event names you can use. joystick_0 is the first joystick connected, joystick_1 is the second, etc. Similarly, you can use button_0 (first button), button_1 (second button) and so on:

For most game pads with a proper universal configuration, you can use universal event names instead and make the configuration work identically even with different types of game pads connected. The above configuration is not suited for this, because button numbers have generally no relation to the physical placement of the game pad buttons.

Universal event names

With universal event names, you can map these events instead:

Matching a joystick device

To match a specific joystick device, you can either (as in the above examples) match joystick by number:


Or you can match devices by name:


The device name is the name of the device as it appears in your operating system, converted to lower case and all characters other than letters and numbers converted to underscores. Adjacent underscores are merged into one, and trailing underscores are stripped.

For instance, a device named:

Controller (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver)

will be matched by:


If you have more than game pad of the same model connected, you can match the other ones with:

logitech_dual_action_usb_2   (the second connected of this model)
logitech_dual_action_usb_3   (the third connected of this model)

More examples

If you want to play Pinball Dreams with the first connected game pad, instead of using keyboard controls, you might want to map something like this:

joystick_0_left_shoulder = action_key_shift_left
joystick_0_right_shoulder = action_key_shift_right
joystick_0_north_button = action_key_f1
joystick_0_dpad_down = action_key_cursor_down

Along with a few more actions, such as mappings for amiga keys F2, F3, F4 and Space.

Mapping keyboard keys

See keyboard mapping.