Super Nintendo (SNES)

In the FS Game System, Nintendo games are emulated using Mednafen-FS (a customized version of Mednafen).

To-do list:

Supported file types

Supported file types:

In general, single headerless ROMs (.sfc) are used, in particular for the online game database. The launcher will be able to strip headers on-demand from .smc files as well, and can use these stripped ROMs to play .sfc variants from the database.


Right now, Mednafen will auto-select the console type based on the ROMs. There is no option to override this and select region/model manually.

Input ports

The default controller setup corresponds to these options:

snes_port_1_type = gamepad
snes_port_2_type = gamepad

To specify that only one controller is supported for a game:

snes_port_1_type = gamepad
snes_port_2_type = none

The Super NES Mouse can be used in either port, for example:

snes_port_1_type = mouse
snes_port_2_type = none

The Super Scope is (partially) supported - only in port 2:

snes_port_2_type = superscope

Super Scope

The default mapping for Mednafen is (in addition to using the mouse to point the light gun):

Mouse Left:    Trigger
Mouse Right:   Cursor
Mouse Middle:  Pause
End:           Turbo
Space:         Offscreen Shot(Simulated)

The middle mouse button usage is problematic since Mednafen-FS uses the middle mouse button to capture/release the mouse. This needs to be fixed.

ROM Headers

FS Game System supports ROM images both with and without headers. In general, headerless ROMs are used for identification, but the game scanner will identify the ROMs regardless of header.

Save directory layout

Example for Chrono Trigger (USA).sfc (Stored in Data/Saves/1/18/1839C089-D664-5BFB-94EB-EC81BF1D23AF):


The UUID is the variant UUID, and the base name for .srm and .state files (etc) is the first 8 hexadecimal letters of the SHA-1 ROM checksum. In this example, Mednafen has saved three save states in addition to the save RAM file (.srm).