SRAM Type: 0x5241f820 SRAM Start: 0x00200001 SRAM End: 0x00203fff

[SMD] Region: b'UE ' [SMD] SRAM Type : b'RA\xf8 '

[SMD] SRAM Type : b'RA\xf8 ' However, since there aren't so many games using EEPROM , it might not be worth the effort, there are some notable ones though (Wonderboy 5 and Rockman ).

I just sat down to begin with the implementation of SRAM support but got confused at the memory alignment. I'd really love to start at address 0 (0x200000), however for Sonic 3, the header says the backup RAM should go from 0x200001 to 0x2003FF. For Soleil, it's 0x200001 to 0x203FFF. This would suggest that everything is shifted by 1 byte. How does this map to the emulator's SRM file?

Edit: Ah right, it's the low byte of a 16bit word.

MEDNAFEN: TODO in source code // TODO: Add suport for 8-bit mapped into 16-bit space correctly