Sony PlayStation (PSX)


FS Game System requires the use of original BIOS ROM dumps for PlayStation emulation. The BIOS is found using checksum, and file name does not matter as long as the file is indexed in the file databased.

For Japanese (NTSC-J) games:

SCPH5500.BIN    SHA-1: b05def971d8ec59f346f2d9ac21fb742e3eb6917

For North American (NTSC) games:

SCPH5501.BIN    SHA-1: 0555c6fae8906f3f09baf5988f00e55f88e9f30b

For PAL games:

SCPH5502.BIN    SHA-1: f6bc2d1f5eb6593de7d089c425ac681d6fffd3f0

PlayStation mouse

According to Wikipedia, the list of games supporting the PlayStation mouse is: