Neo-Geo (NEOGEO)

In the FS Game System, Neo-Geo games are emulated using MAME-FS (a customized version of MAME).


TODO: Specify neogeo_model = aes for AES-specific/only variants. TODO: Would be nice to get rid of border bleed from cropped border, e.g in game "Gururin" or "Fight Fever". TODO: Make it actually possible to put "none" controller in a port. TODO: Define shortcuts for loading and saving state. TODO: Define save state directory layout. TODO: Add "Treasures of the Caribbean" (Unlicensed 3rd party game)? TODO: MAME: Add windowed modes with integer scaling. TODO: MAME: Save raw screenshots. TODO: MAME: Shortuts for state saving and loading.

Game Media

Games must be played using configs from the game database. It is not currently possible to select an archive / romset and directly launch that. You must have scanned archives containing the ROMs required by MAME in order for the games to appear in be playable. In addition, you also need the Neo-Geo system ROMs.

All files will be found by checksum, and you do not need to store them in a particular place or care about the naming.

Input Ports

The default controller setup corresponds to these options:

neogeo_port_1_type = joystick
neogeo_port_2_type = joystick

To specify that only one controller is supported for a game:

neogeo_port_1_type = joystick
neogeo_port_2_type = none

Or, since joystick in port 1 is default anyway, simply just:

neogeo_port_2_type = none

Save Directory Layout

Example for The Legend of Zelda (USA) (Rev A).nes (Stored in Data/Saves/UUID/70/70fb92d1-7499-5421-b90c-0fbfe28f30a5):


The UUID is the variant UUID, and the base name for .srm and .state files (etc) is the first 8 hexadecimal letters of the SHA-1 ROM checksum. In this example, both Mednafen-FS and RetroArch-FS Nestopia have saved three save states in addition to the save RAM file (.srm).

Mednafen-FS is modified to use .srm extension (instead of .sav), so both Mednafen-FS and RetroArch-FS Nestopia will share the save RAM.



Neo Geo (system):

NEO-GEO Memory Card FAQ: