TODO: Windows: X-Input controllers are not configured correctly. TODO: Windows: Problem enabling V-Sync? Maybe on Intel drivers only. (Maybe related: TODO: Windows: Creates stdout.txt and stderr.txt files?

TODO: Check if temporal blur (used with CRT setting) affects screenshots. TODO: On Linux, using the default alsa driver (with default hw:0) will result in no sound when pulseadio is running. Using SDL audio driver will work with pulseaudio but is sub-par with Mednafen according to docs. TODO: Does not respect bezel option?

Keyboard Shortcuts

FIXME: Should Alt+F9 and Alt+F10 be soft and hard reset respectively, also for Amiga?

Alt+Esc Alt+F1 Alt+F2 Alt+F3 Alt+F4 Alt+F5 Save state Alt+F6 Alt+F7 Load state Alt+F8 Alt+F9 Alt+F10 Alt+F11 F12 Menu

Alt+Q Quit Alt+W Warp (not in Mednafen) Alt+E Alt+R Alt+T FIXME: Mednafen activate cheats - move Alt+Y Alt+U Alt+I Alt+O Alt+P Pause (Mednafen?)

Alt+A Aspect (Mednafen?) FIXME: Mednafen Alt+S Screenshot Alt+D Debugger Alt+F Fullscreen Alt+G Grab input (toggle) Alt+H Alt+J Alt+K Alt+L

Alt+Z Zoom? Alt+X Alt+C Cheats? Alt+V Alt+B Alt+N Alt+M Mute? Alt+, Volume down Alt+. Volume up Alt+-

Alt+Space Alt+Return

Alt+Left Scale? Alt+Right Scale? Alt+Up Scale? Alt+Down Scale?

Environment Variables

Display Scaling Notes