Support for arcade games.

TODO: Also map joystick analog stick to primary motion (in addition to dpad). TODO: Store nvram to the game's save dir.


Arcade games are emulated using MAME-FS which is a custom build of MAME.


If the Cheats plugin is installed, the MAME/cheat.7z data file from that plugin will automatically be used, which enables the cheats database for arcade games. Alternatively, you can install the file to Data/MAME/Cheats/cheat.7z, (which will also override the file from the plugin, if present).


Normally, FS Game System will add a bezel to MAME. If you instead want to use "MAME artwork", you can put the artwork zip files in Data/MAME/Artwork/ (create the directory if needed) and enable the option mame_artwork. Enabling this option will prevent the use of the FSGS bezel and scaling options.


MAME warnings about bad/no dumps and imperfect emulation have been disabled. Instead, these warnings are shown in the Launcher before starting the game.