Atari 7800 (A7800)

TODO: Missing A7800 header: Impossible Mission (USA).a78. TODO: Missing A7800 header: Rescue on Fractalus (USA) (Proto).a78. TODO: Missing A7800 header: Tank Command (USA).a78. TODO: MAME: Input device type selection is not respected. TODO: MAME: Lightgun is not supported yet.


ROM Headers

FS Game System supports ROM images both with and without headers. In general, headerless ROMs are used for identification, but the game scanner will identify the ROMs regardless of header. And, depending on the emulator, the game system will either add and/or remove a ROM header, as needed.

The header data is specified using the a7800_a78_header option. 128 bytes formatted as hexadecimals. Example:

a7800_a78_header = 01415441524937383030000000000000...


A7800 games can be run either with:

Currently, headers are prepended to headerless ROMs to make them load in MAME.