Bridgeboard emulation

Options (not implemented yet):

A2386SX VGA: CL-GD5426 or CL-GD5429

VGA adapter


Example configuration

No offical options yet, but bridgeboard + VGA can be enabled with config similar to this:

uae_a2386_rom_file = A2386SX 1.00 391168-01.bin
uae_a2386_rom_options = 8M,config=
uae_flash_file = flash.nvr
uae_gfxcard_type = VGA
uae_gfxcard_size = 2
uae_x86vga_rom_file = 5420.vbi
uae_floppy2type = 5

You might also want to disable joystick emulation:

joystick_port_1 = nothing